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Costa269 @ Holland Avenue

~Invited Session~


Costa Coffee has unveiled a brand new concept at Holland Village - Costa269, one with a hot kitchen and a spanking new All-Day Brunch menu. Plus, the café serves as a testbed for their innovations and that makes us first around the world to taste their creations.


Who does not love all day brunch? Beats having to deal with Saturday crowds when I can have it anytime of the week.

The wholesome menu features a combination of British inspired flavours and classic breakfast favourites. Every order is made fresh-on-demand and designed to complement Costa’s range of handcrafted coffees – all you need for the perfect brunch experience.


Their promise to consumers - made fresh, everyday.


Enticing bites, if only I had an appetite so good for one of everything.


Coffee merchandise lovers rejoice, Costa269 also has a range of collectibles and knick knacks too!




Beef Goulash ($7.90)

A rare sight for a coffee joint cafe, this beef goulash dishes up a hearty meal with tender beef chunks in a bread bowl. These are made in small batches hence very limited in quantities - grab them while you can!


The Hearty Eggs Ben ($17)

The difference between theirs and the mainstream ones lies in the beef patty. This would be a combination of a muffin and a burger in one, except it is served at breakfast.


Avocado on Toast ($11)

This bestseller is certainly worth a try with a generous smear of creamed avocado and poached egg for that added oomph to start the day with.


The Salmon and Scramble Bagel ($14)

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs makes this toasted bagel tick, infact, what can go wrong with smoked salmon? And for that cherry on top of the icing - I usually shun rubbery scrambled eggs and this made me lap every bit up.

Now, for their croffle  items ­– a yummy croissant and waffle hybrid that is unique to the folks of Costa269.


The hearty Great Croffle Fry-Up ($17) offers sautéed mushrooms, a beef sausage and a sunny-side up egg, paying tribute to their British heritage.


Oh hi, morning glory. Egg porn begins with a jab.


Those layers - looks like a waffle and tastes like a croissant. Intriguing combination though one cannot quite tell the difference with eyes closed.


Dessert at breakfast is always a welcomed option for me, sugar rush versus caffeine rush and for the sugar tooth in me - sugar trumps. Very Berry Croffle ($11) is served with a choice of salted caramel, chocolate or vanilla ice cream and topped with sliced strawberries and blueberries dusted with icing sugar.


The mandatory drizzle shot. I actually loved this more than the savoury option!


How playful this flask of iced water, which ends brunch at dinner on a super quenching note. If coffees and juices aren't your thing - this novel jug would.

If you are craving breakfast at dinner, think of Costa269 - sans the crowds and innovative options!

269 Holland Avenue

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