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Chalk Farm @ Parkway Parade

Chalk Farm first made it to the news a number of years ago for modernizing traditional treats - all my life I have known kueh salat to be a kueh, but a cake? With two outlets under their belt, something has to be going so right.

I chowed through the cakes that caught my eye - for sure this is not the complete line up!


Salted Caramel Macadamia Layer Cake ($8.80)


Luscious layers complete with a salty caramel frosting. Not for those who love a dense cake, this is not for you.


Kueh Salat ($5.30)

Belittle this nonya kueh not, for it packs a pow wow deliciosity. It is just something about the scrumptious kaya layer and pea blue glutinous rice that leaves the fingers and lips icky sticky like glue but it works altogether. I do not even remember going so gaga over the humble kueh. Pre-orders are a must for they run out too quickly.


Durian Kueh Salat ($13)

And after the already impressive kueh salat, I was tempted by their equally hotselling durian version - made with mao shan wang pulp. I am usually apprehensive towards such claims because the price range for anything spiked with mao shan wang is so wide!

But guess what? I loved every ounce of this heavenly treat - melty yet pungent durian custard layer that sent whiffs and whiffs of fragrance. Okay, I am really no durian lover but this checked all my boxes of yum in a single dessert. Must try!


Kueh Lapis ($3.60)

Following suit with kueh salat, this is another nonya favourite that has been reinterpreted. Heavy on salt however, a sweet treat that ended up savoury for me. 


Banana Muscavado Loaf with Peanut Buttercream ($6.30)

Muscavado spelt spices to me turned out to be brown sugar. This incredibly moist banana studded loaf was a joy to have, that sheer happiness of piercing a fork through this fluffy cake was indescribable. Strangely, bananas and peanut butter fits like hand to glove and yummy to the last crumb.


Lemon Yogurt Loaf ($5.30)

A soft crumbed cake that dissipates into nothingness, almost immediately. I particularly loved the tart and tangy jolt of sourness and sweet icing finish at the crust.


Pandan and Adzuki Bean Cake ($7.80)
Pandan-scented sponge filled with whipped cream and sweetly cooked adzuki beans

Incredibly fragrant, the whiff of pandan is amazing. Light and fluffy layers lathered with whipped cream and sweet adzuki beans. My favourite pandan cake now! 


Sugee ($5.50)

Sandy and coarse may very well be the adjectives to describe this rose petal dusted, royal iced cake.


Lemon Cupcake ($4.50)

I may have been over pampered by the folks at Plain Vanilla that all other cupcakes seem to pale in comparison, Chalk Farm's included. Granted the cake proper was similar to the lemon yogurt loaf cake which I liked but that marshmellow meringue topping was too sweet for comfort. For the price, I say stick with their cakes proper.


Coconut and Gula Melaka Cake ($8)

I love my ondeh ondehs with a huge vengeance and any attempt to recreate the flavours in another dessert form is always welcome. A light fluffy coconut cake with gula melaka frosting made a delightful tea time piece - I found the balance just right!


Whiskey Sultana Carrot Cake ($4.20)

Lauded a signature, I had to give this a go even it was just a morsel - pricing is on the higher end at Chalk Farm unfortunately. Cake was too crumbly, even the cream cheese frosting could barely stay on the cake and I suppose the whiskey infused raisins were the highlight of the otherwise really ordinary carrot cake.

With that, moving onto their darker favourites - chocolate, alcohol infused and...more calories!

Chalk Farm
290 Orchard Road Paragon #B1-K24
#B1-83M Parkway Parade

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