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Yeh Lai Siang Catering Service

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Zichar caterers are gaining much traction these days and gone are the days they are lauded as "old fashioned" and lacking in finesse as compared to the big names in the industry - which begs the question, after a while will it not get too boring?

It was an honest toss up between Yeh Lai Siang and Meihao99.

Unlike what some online reviews had to say about their service, I thought it was very prompt throughout and the food was delivered on time too. 


Honestly a rather obiang set up with artificial flowers but I am not complaining.

Stir Fry Gui Hua Noodle

Choosing the best carbohydrate option is always a headache - by means of "best" would refer to popular amongst diners and delicious. Usually,  this ends up with the most leftovers. While these were not soggy, I wish they were done with a tad more bite.

Yeh’s Curry Chicken, Potato Spice

I had my reservations with this since chicken curries are usually the highlight of any catered event and this smelt great but looked like a puddle of gravy. Turns out this was a legitimate pot of curry with enough lemak and spices - two thumbs up!


With the pork option there was kong bak pau and clearly being a fan, I opted for it completely forgetting that I had two carbohydrate options - whoops.


Once again the presentation was not tops but the pork belly slices were well braised in soy sauce and very flavourful.


Prawns with Sambal Glazing

Typically prawn dishes in a buffet are shunned because they end up overcooked, over frittered or artificially crunchy. This was none of that, fresh and cooked just right without the shells sticking to the meat at least! Loved the sambal glazing too.


Sliced Fish with Celery Concoction

Another delicious dish with celery and battered fish filets.


Traditional Teochew Braised Duck

Another winner with just the right amount of gravy and tender duck pieces. Duck is not a popular option during buffets and I am glad Yeh Lai Siang has this.


I was expecting a large yam basket at least but they were thoughtful enough to have the yam pieces in slices - I suppose the large yam basket would not have made sense for 50 pax either. Slightly disappointed with presentation but this was clearly very popular amongst the guests too.


We topped up drinks with our own on top of the overly sweet refreshing lemonade.

Overall a very pleasant experience with Yeh Lai Siang - I would caution about their inadequate plates though. I love how plentiful of options there are under different categories of dishes, rather than being restricted by a single menu. Portions are huge too - I fed 70 odd with an order of 50 portions and there were leftovers too! Otherwise, I am a happy and satisfied customer of theirs; it is possible to get affordable yet delicious fare during a buffet!

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