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Xin Cuisine Revisited @ Holiday Inn Atrium


Having western brunches too often, I seek my Asian roots now and then. Xin Cuisine was running a promotion with Eatigo for discounted meals at their off peak timings and budget hunter me decided to give this place a go after attempting their mooncakes and having more than one memorably good dinners there.

On top of their ala carte menu, there is a dim sum buffet promotion on going. $39.90 for freeflow dimsum!



Shrimp Dumpling ($6)

Yumcha staples with the skin tearing upon lifting - plus, it was a tad salty. Not my idea of culinary skill here.


Pork Dumpling ($6)

The baby abalone adornment could have justified the price tag but this was really just marginally better than the shrimp dumpling.


Minced Pork and Century Egg Porridge ($5)

Generous on salt once again, this salty congee was otherwise hearty breakfast for the hungry tum.


Custard Bun ($6)


A passe fad but a solid version of thick bun texture and molten salted egg yolk filling. Slurp!


Foie Gras Dumpling ($6.80)

A sweet dough fritter stuffed with minced meat and prawns, I could have missed the foie gras in this somehow but still enjoyed this fried treat!


Mini Egg Tart ($5)

Slightly larger than ferrero roches, these buttery sweet crust egg tarts could do with more egg custard in my opinion. However for the sake of calories, these bite sizes are good enough for the carb laden meal.


Dough Stick Rice Roll ($5.50)


The trio of dips were an interesting combination of sweet sauce, soya sauce and even peanut butter. Peanut butter actually worked for the rice roll stuffed with fried dough stick.


Abalone Puff ($6.50)


None of the abalone found, not even abalone bits. This was more of a chicken mushroom puff.


Stir Fried Spinach ($16)


Braised Live Lobster Ee-Fu Noodles ($25)

We also made it a point to try their ala carte menu and their highly recommended lobster eefu noodles. Slipper lobster I would make a correction on the live lobster with eefu noodles done al dente and served with a starchy sauce. Hit and miss on this one - reasonable on price tag but average on value.

Brunch was average with hit and miss dishes but with a good discount accorded by Eatigo, Xin Cuisine is a place to consider.

Xin Cuisine
Holiday Inn Atrium

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