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Punjab Grill Revisited @ Marina Bay Sands

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~Invited Session~


From 15 July to 31 August 2016, Punjab Grill will be offering its specially crafted Monsoon Food and Drinks Menu and Monsoon Platters to evoke the unique smells, tastes and flavours strongly associated with the seasons. Having patronized Punjab Grill before, their new menu already sounds like a completely new twist from their permanent menu.



Crispy eggplant tempura with potato puree and beetroot sauce, the colours pop and so do the flavours. Who'd have thought eggplant tempura would be such a hit?


Grilled corn, considered one of the popular street foods is a charred at the edges with brushes of butter and sugar for that savoury sweet taste.


Monsoon Menu Chaat
Crispy potato chips and chick peas ki chaat ($20)

Doused in yogurt, this vegetarian appetizer helped whet the appetite a fair bit for the other dishes to come.


Monsoon Menu Assorted fritters
Broccoli, artichoke, asparagus, cottage cheese ($45)


Crispy vegetable tempura best eaten with the medley of dips.

Monsoon Menu Non Veg Appetizer



Tandoori kukkad wings tamarind flavoured ($40)

Punjab Grill's version of saucy wings with a hint of tamarind, colours are amazing and the wings worth getting those fingers dirty and sticky over.


Smoked Salmon

Chunky and charred salmon pieces rubbed with marinate.


Pan grilled tiger prawn /spiked with tossed lemon bread crumbs ($46)

I liked this best of the trio, the combination of bread crumbs and squeeze of lemon juice worked wonders on the grilled tiger prawn.

I would have imagined this to be main course already but these are the appetizers, good for sharing nonetheless!


Monsoon Menu Main Course


Aloo gobi ki tehri Briyani ($34)

Cauliflower potato briyani that had us all in food coma together with the dishes served with it. Loved the texture of the briyani rice


Tofu Lababdar ($34)

This dish was rather unusual for me, silken cubes doused in curry. Texturally very interesting.


Smoked Tandoori duck simmered in Kashmiri rogan Jus ($48)

Duck curry has to be a first for me, a dish that tasted just like lamb infact. Rich flavours and plenty of bite for this!

Monsoon Menu Bread basket


Masala ajwaini missi roti ($10)

Pickled olives chillies paratha ($10)


Palette cleanser of lychee sorbet.


Dessert Platter with Betel leaf kulfi (Indian ice cream) and mango cheese cake and chocolate dessert powder ($28)

Betel leaf gave this a potpurri aftertaste and fragrance and chocolate dessert powder worked like meringue - a melt in the mouth tendency and tropical mango cheesecake. I enjoyed the elements separately more than together though. 


Flambe chocolate bomb served with saffron pistachio frosty

A theatrical performance of liquor and flame over a chocolate orb - melt away to reveal a creamy center.


The Monsoon special drinks include the obligatory Indian Masala Chai, as well as a range of
exotic mocktails and cocktails, including the Passionfruit and Basil Martini and the Fennel Chino.


Masala chai is a must at an Indian restaurant, Punjab Grill's version packs a spicy afternote - just a perfect way to end the meal!

Punjab Grill
2 Bayfront Avenue, #B1-01A The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

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