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Megumi Japanese Restaurant @ Upper East Coast Road

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Siglap has a number of hidden joints and Megumi Japanese Restaurant is one of those that have been around for yonks and I have conveniently forgotten about its existence.


Even past 2pm, tables were still occupied - seems like a hot place for late lunches for families or solo diners too.


Somehow in my memory Megumi was alot more upmarket than the casual dining place that it is today.


Hotplate Beef

Reminding me of Pepper Lunch, this hotplate arrived sizzling hot and we probably both smelt like lunch after this course. 


This came with a miso soup and rice set.


Over tenderised, the meat ended up having no bite at all. An ordinary stir fry at best.


Salmon Don

I craved chirashi don and there was only salmon and tuna don available - think furikake rice topped with salmon slices and served with sweet tamago and pickles. Supermarket quality at best which left me less than satisfied, unfortunately.


Stir fry vegetables that could not go wrong, except portions for this price tag was considerably small.


Bacon wrapped scallops, unimpressive yakitori.

It was truly one unsatisfying and pricey meal. Was it a case of over expecting or being pampered by the availability of better Japanese food? I'd choose to think the latter.

Megumi Japanese Restaurant
77 Upper East Coast Rd

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