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Ah Yat Kitchen @ Capitol Piazza


Ah Yat Kitchen at Capitol Piazza's Food Republic outlet stands out for being the casual arm of their chain of seafood restaurants. Offering affordable fare, I was piqued to find out how banquet fare would be like in a food court setting.

For starters, we had table service instead of self service which was a major plus point despite the food court prices of their dishes. Plus, the dishes were nicely plated just like in their restaurant.


Roasted BBQ Combination

Average roasts with soggy skinned pork belly slices and fatty char siew.


Lobster Claw Meat and Minced Seafood Soup

Reasonably tasty starchy soup with lobster claw meat even.


Stewed Whole 6 PPC Fresh Abalone with Mushrooms and Vegetables

This was beginning to look alot like a chinese new year set menu with baby abalone, mushroom and greens. My only grouse is - why so few stalks of greens?


Deep Fried Fish Fillet in Thai Sauce

Crispy fish fritter topped with a spicy and sweet sauce, this was my favourite.


Baked Salted Half Chicken

Probably over rubbed with salt, this salted baked chicken would go well with rice.


Braised E-fu Noodles

Oddly better than their restaurant itself though on the saucier side.


Bird's Nest with Almond Cream

We were pleasantly surprised to find bird's nest on the menu, and they honoured their promise with a spoonful of bird's nest in each bowl of piping how almond cream. I'm a huge fan of almond cream so this was a hit for me.

This was a pleasant surprise for me, given how their restaurants have dished up pretty average fare. Yet it begs the question, will you spend almost $150 for 6 at a food court with the extra service?

Ah Yat Kitchen
Capitol Piazza

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