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Seasonal Salad Bar @ One@Kent Ridge

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Every 90's kid would have grown up with Ponderosa or even Sizzler - thereby admitting my era but the whole point is - healthy eating was introduced very early and before there was Swensen's and the likes redefining how hot meals are consumed, mains and a salad bar were synonymous.


Cue Seasonal Salad Bar, one that fills the void that the now defunct Ponderosa and Sizzler left behind. I remember these two places so fondly, that soft serve machine that got us kids ants in the pants excited with rainbow sprinkles on top of that neverending spread of vegetables. I suppose I never quite hated greens.

Since 2012, they have been spreading the green movement and four outlets later, I decided to check them out.


Spot the oriental choices in the spread!




I love my food, coloured.



And a soft serve machine always gets me excited.



Drinks are not included but can be topped up for a fee - freeflow too!



Grilled Salmon with Yakitori Sauce ($29.95)

Caramelized and doused in yakitori sauce, the thick slab was indeed enjoyable.


Pepper Sirloin Steak ($29.95)
Chargrilled NZ Steak


Sirloin with Onion Sauce ($31.95)
Seasonal Homemade Onion Sauce

Between both sirloins, I thought both were equally good. Well charred though doneness was inconsistent. Medium rare ended up being more of a medium well. Inconsistencies aside, for the price I really cannot complain.

Plus, the freeflow of salads, appetizers and fruit that provided great value.

Salad porn indeed, though some of which were clearly Chinese influenced - much to our amusement. White fungus and black fungus? The hottest items included cold poached prawns, cream of mushroom soup and also the soft serve machine.


The soups were wildly popular - creamy, thick and so hearty!






These fresh dates are quite a rarity, at least for me. I have only eaten preserved dates so far and the fresh ones certainly win hands down for juicy, sweet and favourite fruit this season!


Me and my pathetic soft serve swirl - I am definitely better consuming them than swirling.


If you are keen, there's a wall of fame for salad chompers but I am done with such food challenges - food is meant to be savoured and enjoyed still!

This random visit proved to be a surprisingly very satisfying one and I will be back for more of their tasty offerings - psst, lunch is cheaper for the same spread too!

Seasonal Salad Bar
One@Kent Ridge
1 Lower Kent Ridge Road
#04-18/19/20, S(119082)

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