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Mitsuba Revisited @ Central

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Wasabi Tei, Mitsuba and Manzoku all have one thing in common - Nazi Chef who once helmed the kitchens of the former and was known for thick cut sashimi slices and his single order policy. I could have been curious about Mitsuba previously and had that curiosity satisfied until a single sponsored advertorial on facebook once again piqued the interest - the chirashi bowl.


What in a bowl that stirred such interest? 17 types of ingredients it seems.


Jyo Chirashi ($32)

Graphics must have conjured up the image of must try - the angling and of course, edits made this a must try. Available over weekends for lunch and dinner, Jyo Chirashi is the only other choice available next to their buffet course.


The bowl was regular sized and by means of 17 types included items like lobster salad, flying fish roe, tamago and grilled eel which typically are not the regulars in a chirashi don. Colourfully put together but by no means authentic, this would have been a food fad just for the sake of and I satisfied my curiosity but not the craving for a satisfying rice bowl.


Great value is missing in this promotion that runs till end September, granted there was an appetizer of marinated jellyfish, miso soup and watermelon. I figure there will be a better bang for the buck at the Japanese establishments.


Seats are ridiculously hot over weekends particularly for their highly sought after buffets - think 120 dishes and throngs of hungry youngsters.


Spot the full house sign. 

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