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Mcdonalds gone #jiaklocal

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Fine, I have done food fads and possibly followed the fast food giants on their promotional menus even but this has to be a first. Joining the queues on the first day of launch and then surviving to give this hot off the griddle entry.

30th June was the slated date for the islandwide launch of Mcdee's most awaited menu - reads, this trumps even the Angry Birds, Samurais and heck, even Hello Kitty Launch. For real if they launched a hello kitty burger I would be one of those nutcases in line as well. Kitty poision rawks.

Enter salted egg chicken burger. Altogether now, squeal and scream. I thought the mania would have stopped by now - I mean what else is there to douse the salted egg sauce on? Prawns, paus, waffles, chips, fish skins, name it, it has probably been experimented on.

And so the first attempt goes - on the day of launch.

Self help kiosks were thought to be godsent with their seemingly faster ordering process and noob me was pretty triumphant with my first self kiosk experience.

We naively thought the delay would be slightly longer than their usual fast food transactions. 40 minutes later and more, think of it as an hour - we barely made it to sniffing our burgers. Then the crappiest announcement was made that they ran out of salted egg sauce. Should not some stocktaking be done on the number of burgers that can be churned out? No wonder some burgers that made their victorious appearances on social media were consumed shy of that layer of liquid gold.

Then the options open were to either get a replacement or refund. 60 minutes after placing an order, angry me only wanted my salted egg chicken burger and nothing else so refund it had to be. Yet all these were only communicated through the cleaner - bless her soul for being so helpful even.

The nightmare further escalated into different queues for different modes of payment but these were once again NOT mentioned.

1.5 hours later, I left without getting any closer to the burger nor the fries or mcflurry - and with a tummy full of fury and distaste at how I once again fell prey to a food fad.

If the online reviews are any truthful, stick with their spicy nuggets and angry birds burger for more satisfaction. Speaking of which - perhaps I should just heck the idea of ever trying the overhyped.



Finally braved the crowds 6 days post launch, a very chaotic numbering system and throngs of people on a public holiday to check out the ho chiak Salted Egg Chicken Burger.


Soggy buns and patty (methinks a mc chicken would have offered more satisfaction on the patty, needless to say so would the mc spicy). The key salted egg sauce was beyond a let down - a complete one if I may add - what salted egg? Except for the colour.

Ho chiak, far from it. Any other regular item would have given far more satisfaction, soggy fries included.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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