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Confinement Food @ National University Hospital of Singapore

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If I had my way, I would have picked a hospital with my preferred gynae and then cater confinement food from another known for it - and I suppose that is how life really is, I cannot have my cake and eat it all the time.

NUH it was in A-Class ward and in those 3 nights that I stayed I was barely conscious for the first to even review my menu and make food choices - there were choices of western, chinese, malay, indian and of course confinement. Plus, a celebratory meal that came complete with a single sunflower, the husband gets to eat and yay, table cloth. 



French Toast and Chicken Ham

Seeing processed food like chicken ham on the hospital menu always makes me laugh, so...are they considered bad foods at all? Nothing to yell about since this was hardly warm when I got to eat it and french toast was the yummiest sounding on the menu already.


Oats with Honey

In my bid to up my milk supply, I resorted to ordering oats which reminded me so much of Grandpa somehow. I grew up hating this big time since it was usually served savoury and minced meat.


The LOL moment came when western food came with rice for our celebratory meal. Was just chicken chop, sauteed vegetables and rice.

Confinement Food



Bland to say the least.


I actually enjoyed my first meal post delivery best but thanks to epidural, the concept of last in last out applied to me fully.


Since when did apples taste so good?


Sweet and sour pork? So yummy even when eaten cold.


I must have struck gold the first day of stay since the food was exceptional - or really, I was in so much of a daze they tasted extraordinarily delicious.


Every meal started looking thereabout the same with a longan red date soup, vegetables and a protein. I get icecream too - down with confinement rules! A mini magnum would have been perfect.


Looking completely like cai png, which really begs the question - is the heavy usage of sesame oil, ginger and chinese wine even necessary? To each its own really.


Dory fish got my vote for yucky texture.


Semolina cake made its appearance too - a treat I say!


Corn soup, a refreshing take instead of the usual black beans, red date and longan soups!


Spot the dory fish again!


Pork rib soup!



Tofu is used quite frequently in their confinement menu - I loved the braised dishes especially.


Black beans with minced pork soup.


Another of those soy sauce based meals - so unpretty but actually delicious.


The last of these yummy beancurd skin dishes - whether they wrap it in seaweed or fish or just beancurd, I enjoyed them all.

And of course, greedy me had to top up my meals with takeaways from the outlets and foodcourt when food was subpar.

Masta Kafe @ One@KentRidge
1 Lower Kent Ridge Road #03-01


Half Chicken ($11.90)

At 20% off on a weekend this was an absolute steal with this incredibly fragrant and crispy fried chicken.

Kopitiam Food Court
Level 1 Main Building (Lobby A)


This fish soup is so tasty, I had it twice in a row! Generous on greens and fish too.

With that, I ended my life changing hospital stay and plunged straight into 30 days of homecooked caipng. Through the years, I'd say hospital food has definitely improved in standards but that is subject to the class of ward selected. I have had my fair share of lousy as crap hospital food and even restaurant quality ones and it is heartening to know that hospital food does not always have to be about low in flavour, taste and presentation.

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