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Yam's Kitchen Revisited @ Jalan Leban

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Our second visit to Yam's Kitchen ensued far too quickly in my opinion and with the intention not to repeat the same dishes, we ended up with a range of dishes cooked in the same styles - which honestly did not work too well together since it ended up being a whole table of potted dishes.


Yam's Kitchen Curry Fish Head ($36.80)


Heavy on coconut milk, too jelak for me and the fish head was not the freshest. I enjoyed the tau kees and tau poks though.


Yam's Kitchen Two Ways Hor Fun 


Favourite of the night and this had to be something new - crispy fried kuay teow served with soupy horfun in a mix of seafood and vegetables.


Yam's Kitchen Soya Beancurd ($16.80)

Tau huay with crispy pork bites, it was interesting to savour tau huay this way beyond its sweet presentations.


Homecooked Braised Duck in Claypot ($26.80)

Very homemade in taste and lacking in flavour strangely, I would not call this a signature after sampling the other dishes however. A miss for me.


Golden Sauce with Oat Vegetables ($14.80)


Stir Fry Garlic Dou Miao ($14.80)


Hot Plate Pandan Prawn ($32.80)

Spicy and coconutty which hit the right notes for me. Prawns were not uniform in freshness but I suppose with a strong flavoured gravy, it was masked pretty well.


Hot Plate Sabu Sabu ($23.80)

Sizzling hot with pork belly slices.


Salted Egg Fish Skin ($11.80)

Freshly fried fish skins tossed in a power salted egg yolk sauce, this beats all the prepacked ones hands down. The fish skins crumble very easily though which makes an addictive snack.


Fish Maw and Crabmeat Soup ($22.80)

Twice and still as good, the portions are generous and so are the ingredients.


Sichuan Hot and Sour Soup ($22.80)

I would not say the same for the sichuan soup that was strangely very thick and heavy to consume. A miss!

It may very well have been the curse of the seconds  - or the simple case of a one trip pony, this visit was hardly as delightful as the first. Stick with their signatures and balance with a series of fried, braised and steamed for that single shot at Yam's.

Yam's Kitchen
No. 4 Jalan Leban
Upper Thomson Road

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