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Wan Hao Revisited @ Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel


We have too many chinese restaurants around to visit as regularly as I'd like - Wan Hao is one of those places that I possibly can count with a single hand the number of visits made over the last couple of years at least.

A family friend being a huge fan proposed a getogether with a menu he put together - how privileged we are!


Private room check, personal server also check and even personal plates of cashew nuts. I think I am liking this treatment already.



The trio of appetizers served up in a pretty platter. I am such a sucker for all things visual and this made me very happy.


Spanish Iberico

Pork neck is possibly the best cut to use for char siew, that chewy texture and bounciness that makes these two slices too few.


Deep-fried Foie Gras, Scallop Ball

The scallop was usually plump since it was hiding a foie gras cube. Liked the creativity for this.

Crispy Prawn with Black Truffle Mayonnaise

Black truffle mayo made this crispy prawn sing, delicious though it could do with more crisp.


Double Boiled Snow Pear in Fish Soup

I loved double boiled soups with a humongous vengeance. Stewed till soft, snow pears gave the broth a sweet hearty finish. Note that the fish slices come with bones though!


Sauteed Fish with Chef's Special Foie Gras Sauce

Foie gras sauce was questionable for this dish and fish was a tad too chewy.


Wok Fried Beef Tenderloin with Black Garlic Sauce

Sous vide beef cubes with a consistent pink sear, overall this came across as hinging on too sweet.


Stir-Fried Asparagus, Lily Bulb, Fresh Mushroom

Hands down the prettiest yam basket ever, a case of intricate woven work. This vegetarian yam basket was definitely different from the usual with cashews and chicken bites.


Wok-fried Olive Rice with Minced Beef

Barely greasy and I need to hand it to the chef for such mastery, the rice was on the sweet side but nothing a dash of chilli padi and soy sauce cannot fix.


Walnut Cream, Deep-fried Cream Custard

Two types of dessert on a single plate - variety is king!  Cream of walnut was a comforting end to all the food consumed.


This deepfried cream custard was one of those dubious desserts - akin to fried milk perhaps except the custard was firmer to bite.

Fanciful dinner at an equally fanciful price tag, hits and misses for me but the char siew, soup and fried rice dish worked.

Wan Hao
Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

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