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Sembawang Confectionery @ Beach Road

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The path of nostalgic eats has a special place in most Singaporeans born in the 80's, I can't speak the same for the 90's and beyond. Something about being caught in an age that saw the most progressions - a connection that draws me to the past every now and then and with retro always being in vogue, its the things, people and food of the past that brings back a barrage of memories every now and then.

It is strange how premium preserving memories have become.

1962 they swung open their doors and have never looked back since. This old school bakery remains one of the few long standing ones that have withstood the test of time and taste changes.

Fast forward 54 years, they are your typical neighbourhood bakery that still believes in using whipped cream for celebratory cakes and buttercream for fillings of pastries and swiss rolls.

Buns are going for a tune of $1 after 6pm, which is not considered cheap in today's context - think 90 cent buns.


I had my eye on their cakes however and their old school confectionery boxes.


It has been a long while since I bought cakes in such an obiang box, so obiang that it was fashionably so.


Traffic Light Cake ($2)

Comes in kiwi, strawberry, lemon and blueberry flavours. These remind me so much of the buttercream cakes of yesteryears and tastewise, these buttery swissrolls were alot denser than expected. Crushed peanuts and that bright red looking strawberry jam actually tasted delicious! None of the artificial nonsense that goes into some bakes - it reminded me of the butter cakes that Grandpa bought from Red House before.


Pandan Chiffon ($1)

Made fresh daily, the lady over the counter was quick to remind us to refrigerate this signature if these were not consumed on the same day. That pandan fragrance is unbeatable - my weakness, I have to admit. One solid chiffon cake, literally, missing out on the usual fluffiness and lightness a chiffon has and the tongue tips bore traces of baking soda. Hmm.

A walk down memory lane it sure did, Sembawang Confectionery stands out for denser than usual cakes and terrifically colourful cakes. I'm just not sure if the price makes sense though.

Sembawang Confectionery
#01-4869, 6 Beach Rd

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