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Ming Fa Fish Ball Noodles @ Chai Chee

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The hunt for yong tau foo and minced meat noodles brought me to my parents' idea of their favourite - Ming Fa at Chai Chee. They first started out as a fishball pushcart along the streets of Chinatown back in 1946, .and branched into minced meat filled fish balls (fuzhou fishballs) and then also yong tau foo. How it all ties together, I have no clue but if food is good, nobody is complaining.


Yong Tau Foo, Noodle and Vegetable Set ($5.50)


Noodles were depressing, almost clumping together mere seconds after getting cooked. Tendency was also another letdown, mostly soggy too.


Yong Tau Foo items were delicious however with a tasty broth and minced meat was used to fill the pieces instead of the usual fish meat.

Maybe the fish balls would have stood out more than the yong tau foo, and I am not agreeing with this diversification.

Ming Fa Fish Ball Noodles
Blk 26A Chai Chee Road

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