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Marriott Cafe's Durian High Tea Buffet @ Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

~Invited Session~

High tea just got better at Marriott Cafe! On top of their range of local and tea time delights, their dessert range has taken a new tweak with a section specially dedicated to durian lovers! 


Since the last visit, there were minor changes made to the savoury section, except I saved some space for their local dishes that were gone in such a flash! I made it a point to load up on the favourites of the previous visit - finger sandwiches, salads, those sweet as can be tangerines and even managed slices of pizza too!


Fried Chicken Wings

These deep fried wings are my weakness - especially that crispy skin that tastes better than keropok.


They do have nasi lemak too so for those who need the full meal, you can DIY a platter with wings and otah!


Hokkien Mee


Finally got my plate of hokkien mee this visit, missing out some oomph on the lard and wok hei though admittedly the belachan did work some wonders.


Char Kuay Teow

A rather average rendition of CKT, comparable to the dismal hokkien mee unfortunately. 


Chye Tow Kuay

This was the best of the three for me, loved the combination of eggs, carrot cake and prawns. I wish I had enough stomach space for seconds though!




This came without the satay man and his banana leaf fan. Reasonably meaty sticks for a tea time snack, just in time for hari raya puasa next month!

The durian section gets refreshed every other week and not the full range was available that week - perfect for the ultimate fans who can probably visit to try every single item!


How about one of each?  


Durian Cake Swiss Roll

Sandwiching between layers of light and moist sponge cake is a refreshing swirl of smooth durian cream made freshly from D24 durians.

Fried Durian Balls

Best consumed hot, these crusty and crunchy balls encash a burst of pungent flesh.

Mini Durian Mousse in Cups

Almost like durian mousse cake, except these come in fun sizes, great for the kids.

Durian Mochi

I thought the mochi skin was a tad thick and not moist enough yet nobody does really complain when the star is the durian pulp. 

Durian Pancakes

Don't miss this, hidden away from the dessert station - crepes made upon demand and comes with a piping hot durian pulp filling. Top it with icecream and you're good for the scorching weather!

Other items on the dessert list include -- 

Durian Doughnuts, Durian Caramel Muffins, Durian Trifles  and Durian Strudel!


Just in case durian is not your calling, there is also a gelato corner and a whole medley of sweet treats.


Reservations are highly necessary especially over weekends when diets are thrown out of the window and any form of resistance is usually futile. Expect the crowds to get a tad rowdy around the durian section - afterall, tis the season to be really stinky and for a legit reason! 

1 June - 31 July

Love for Durians High Tea Buffet

1 June to 31 July 2016

Adult: $42++ per person (Monday to Friday)
$45++ per person (Saturday & Sunday)

Child: $25++ per child (Monday to Friday)
$28++ (Saturday & Sunday) 

Marriott Cafe
Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

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