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High Tea Buffet @ Regent Tea Lounge, Regent Hotel


This high tea buffet was more of a brunch and tunch combined since we opted for the first seating this second visit. 12 noon to 230pm gets us two and a half hours of nibbles, two refills of beverages each and sheer indulgence on a weekend.


If only every weekend could be like this one, so indulgent!


What is high tea without tea? Comes with a selection of coffees and chocolate options too.


A walk around the healthy section of tossed salads and cold cuts.

Salad corner




Lobster, Prawns, Pomelo and Green Papaya Salad with Cilantro Dressing

Soba Noodles marinated with Chopped Sour Plum and Seaweed served with Japanese Dressing

Thai Asparagus Salad with Goji Berries and Sesame Dressing

I always wish for more stomach space to take on these deliciously tossed greens and whilst the rest of the diners did not even bat an eyelid at this carefully curated salad menu, I had a field day slurping up salads with difference influences. Personal favourite? Green papaya salad with lobster and scallop ceviche with soba noodles!


Sushi Counter

This was hardly popular, strangely and creations a plenty but some of them were truly weird - think a char siew sauce tossed sweet meat on sushi for one. Otherwise, the caviar speckled ones all worked for me.


Sandwiches and cold cuts

I probably lose out most in a buffet, gunning for all these bite sized carbs but they are too good I must say! Tuna tarts for one, I lost count of the number I popped into my mouth. It must be the dreamy combination of creamed tuna and tart that made this an excellent choice for tea.

Cheese Station Condiments (six dried fruits and nuts, crackers, truffle honey, fig jam)


Who moved my cheese? Different types of cheeses with varying degrees of pungency, I fell in love with the truffle honey that was an oddly delectable combination.


Caviar Station ( 3 different caviars)
Blini, Sour Cream, Chives, Sliced Boiled Eggs, Red Onions

These reminded me of Manhattan Bar somehow, this DIY blini station with caviar spoilt us tremendously.


Regent Signature Laksa with Rice Noodles, Prawn, Laksa Leaves and X.O. Sauce

MUST TRY of all the items at the hot stations. Signature for a good reason, the robust lemak gravy had a great balance of richness without being jelak nor overly greasy. Loved the X.O. sauce that gave this an added crunch with the crispy scallops.


Prawn Paste Chicken

The satays and these were moving the fastest, I suppose fried food always gets diners excited. Juicy chicken parts lathered with a delicious batter to boot - no complaints here.


Prawn Congee with Condiments

And usually I shy away from such dishes because it has been simmering for too long and the consistency is starchy and gooey. This was none of that, grainy and so flavourful. I would trade all my congees for this single prawn congee peppered with enough simmering and wholesomeness. In my satisfaction, this is my idea of comfort food in its finest for the sick.


Dimsum Corner

Buffet dimsum always gives me surprises, from tasteless to lack of skill. Surely I am not expecting culinary creations but these were really quite decent! Chilli paste too.


Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce and Condiments

A hot favourite perhaps because it is easy to consume though I found them on the sweet side.


Truffle and Mushroom Crusted Beef Prime Rib with Rosemary Roasted Potatoes


Can never quite reject the whole British fanfare at high tea, including yorkshire puddings and crusted beef prime rib roasted till pink. Tasty, tender and worthy of repeats. Pair it with multigrain mustard for an acidic finish.




Available in cranberry and original, the cranberry version got my vote. Buttery and cake-like, this is really how a proper scone should be! And that egg glazed surface under the light made it glow in deliciousity. The variety of fruit preserves available made me happy - think blueberry, strawberry and even lemon curd! Plus a velvety white clotted cream, tea just got so much better.


Mushroom Puff

Ham and Cheese Quiche

Gotta love these two bakes, hits the notes for flaky layers and just the right amount of butter to bring on a full food coma.


Sweets, galore!


These untouched whole tarts and cakes are such a pretty sight. I get annoyed when cakes get mangled beyond recognition - these are works of art alright!


Sweets are usually the draw for me at Regent's buffets, especially when the Basilico guys churn out such delightful sweet treats. Of the variety presented that day, these made it to my plate though I wish I had the space to save a bite for every single one!


Apple cider jelly?


The first of the many plates of sugars.


Lavender, Wasabi, Chilli Chocolate, Mango, Milo


Pretty to look at and so highly sought after, all buttercream piped which was a bummer - I was looking forward to the same exotic flavours that Dolcetto by Basilico had! Still in love with their chewy shells!


Vanilla Cherry Pistachio Tart

Enamored by the edible silver foil, the pistachio cream and cherries worked for me but not the tart.


Raspberry Choux

I caved into these choux pastries because they were simply too pretty to ignore and they are retailing for slightly under 10 buckeroos a pop at Dolcetto! Of course those at Dolcetto have more exquisite flavours.


Caramel Hazelnut  Eclair

Everything went right for this sweet treat and thankfully it was not tooth achingly sweet. Caramel popcorn with a hazelnut filling in the eclair shell, mmm!



Nonya Kuehs
Lapis sagu

Pretty to look at and that pretty much summed this up.


Pineapple Sorbet

Hidden in an obscure corner were two tubs of churned icecream and sorbet, pineapple it was then! One very refreshing tropical treat that works great as a slushie too!

Cheng Tng

And of all desserts, I actually caved into the cheng tng - soooo gooooood!


While the buffet menu was not ridiculously extensive like some that drag on for metres and metres but most was spot on in quality which made this afternoon and the calories well spent. Once again, Tea Lounge gets my vote for best high tea in town, and so far both visits have been on point and up to expectations.


Tea Lounge
Regent Hotel

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