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Chin Lee Restaurant @ Bedok North Road

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Chin Lee Restaurant, a Teochew restaurant founded in 1973 by founder Eric Chua’s father was thrown into limelight after Chef Eric made an appearance on a number of tv shows and cooking programmes.

The premises have an alfresco and indoor air conditioned dining area, I would suggest reserving a table indoors to beat the heat even at night!


These braised nuts with tofu was quite a delicious starter!


Home-made Teochew Prawn Ball ($16)

I fondly call it ngoh hiang with an addictively crispy beancurd skin stuffed generously with minced pork. Served with pickles and sweet sauce but I enjoyed it without any.


Conpoy and Fish Maw Thick Soup ($30)

This is in a tie with Yam's Kitchen - not too starchy and a lovely mix of fish maw and crabmeat.


Home-made Beancurd with Shimeiji Mushroom and Chicken Cube ($10)

Crisp fried beancurd doused in a minced meat sauce and topped with fried wanton skin!


Teochew Steamed Fish ($42)

There is a reason why the teochew ladies have such smooth complexion - the older generation would point to the steamed fish that is a staple in their diet. Excellently done  with the right cooking time.


Teochew Kway Teow ($15)

Stir fried kuay teow with chye poh makes this Teochew classic a popular choice even for breakfast - I remember having a similar dish with chee cheong fun instead. Slightly heavy handed in oil used otherwise, pretty tasty.


Teochew Braised Duck ($12)

Very stingy in portions, this dish comprised of slices of braised duck, tofu and cucumbers.


Stir-fried Vegetable with Garlic ($15)


Teochew Yam Paste and Pumpkin served with Gingko Nut ($3.50)

 Highly recommended and this does warrant the attention it gets, velvety smooth orh nee served with gingko nuts, pumpkin cubes and a mildly sweet syrup.

Food is on the pricey side with small portions to boot, a good experience but we could probably get better value elsewhere. 

Chin Lee Restaurant
Blk 115 Bedok North Road #01-285

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