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Cheng's at No. 27 Revisited @ Yong Siak Street

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It was one of those nights where a relative dropped by in town and we wanted to showcase our cuisine beyond the usual likes of chicken rice, char kuay teow and salted egg zichar dishes. Cheng's at 27 came to mind, after all, it is a hot pick amongst foreigners too.


Menu without prices irk me.

Sliced Fish Soup

Good not great, this was just sliced fish soup with vegetables. I would think their sweet and sour vegetable duck soup had more character.


Fish Slices with Bittergourd


Prawn Rolls

Crispy meat rolls best consumed piping hot and with a dash of sweet sauce.


Steamed Pork

Sweet based though it was served with chilli padi and garlic. I would have expected a more savoury version so this was not within expectations.


Braised Duck

I suppose braised duck is synonymous with the Teochews though almost every other dialect group has its take on this delicacy. Chengs' version was on the tough side with minimal seasoning despite being braised. Not the tastiest on the table.


Stir Fried Kai Lan


Hainanese Curry Chicken

This had to be a first for me, fried chicken drizzled in curry sauce. Innovation that works perhaps? Do not expect this to be served piping hot though. It well tasted just like fried chicken with curry sauce.


Seafood Beehoon

They do decent stir fried beehoon, both the canned pig trotters nad this seafood version worked for me.

I am not sure if Cheng's at 27 is my favourite Hainanese restaurant around, pricey with small portions. The first visit was hardly memorable either.

Cheng's at 27
27 Yong Siak Street

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    1. Averages $15-20 for the mains. The bill was in the region of $140 for all of the above with 2 drinks.