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Buttertrade x A.HanBakes

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~Invited Session~

Newly launched Buttertrade is a one of its kind marketplace of boutique bakeries that offers a complete solution for cake buying.

There was a joint promotion with one of their partner bakeries, A Han Bakes for a miniature cake series that can be completely customizable from topper, flavour to colour of cake and I had a privilege of putting together my own cake! 


This is a sleek and elegant cake suitable for intimate celebrations amongst loved ones and friends.

Hence the very apt tagline...

If you are happy and you know it, order a cake!


Ordering has never got easier than this and here's why Buttertrade appeals;

Choices – Buttertrade offers overwhelming choices for customers and their loved ones.

Buttertrade partners with well-loved boutique bakeries to offer more than 100 cakes including all-time favourites, novel and local flavours, vegan, halal, gluten-free and even a dedicated section for our four-legged furry friends. There's a cake for everyone!

Convenience – Buttertrade keeps it simple.

Customers can focus on preparing their celebratory events without worrying about getting the cake. They can order anytime, anywhere and pay a flat delivery rate with no minimum order required. Depending on baker, some cakes can be ordered with just one day's notice given!

Reward – Buttertrade always look for ways to reward its customers.

Customers earn a rebate of 3% of their purchases and these rebates can be used subsequently to redeem a free cake.

From time to time, Buttertrade works with partner bakeries on seasonal promotions so that customers can get the best value.


My very cute topper that matches my listed mood of "happy" when filling up the online form.


Matcha black sesame. Luscious layers of matcha sponge lathered with a light black sesame cream and polished with frosting. I have to admit this was really delicious, it made sharing difficult because we were all hawking over our slices of cake.

For my readers, here's a special promotion for you!

Promo code- 30%offwiththefoodchapter
Terms and conditions
- 30% off all cakes on weekdays (including their bespoke miniature cake of course) from A. Han Bakes via Buttertrade.
- Expiry date: 30 July 2016
- Buttertrade reserves the right of final decision.

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