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Yam's Kitchen @ Jalan Leban


I know little of Yam's Kitchen, much less Jalan Leban except it was all the way up north in Upper Thomson. Turns out, they have more than one outlet in Singapore.

Even with such low traffic, the restaurant was reasonably filled for a weekday night and it was either the doing of Groupon or they did offer good food afterall.


I usually pick at the appetizers and their braised peanuts and achar was worthy of those extra calories.


Kampong Style Roasted Chicken ($28.80)

My late grandma would have cackled in delight over this crispy skinned roast chicken. Nothing fancy, just a well done roast chicken served with salt. Going back to the basics really, without the over the top sauces or decoration, it was just plain old good chicken done so well.

Since they specialise in fish tails, we had to have a go at both variations - one deepfried and another steamed! Red snapper was used for their fish tails - I truly wonder what happens to the fish head, turns out they also have a menu for fish heads.


Deep Fried Fish Tail with Garlic and Sauce ($28.80)

Setting aside the amount of oil used to fry this beauty, none of the oily remnants just one gorgeous fry up of fish with crispy skin and fresh meat. I could just have a bowl of rice and sauce and be the luckiest lass that meal.


Steamed Fish Tail with Sour Spicy Sauce ($28.80)

The sour spicy sauce was lacking in oomph for me but pretty tasty too! I'd recommend picking the best of both worlds by having a steamed and deepfried option. Both were enjoyable for me.


Honey Pork Spare Ribs ($13.80)

Ever heard of a restaurant running out of pork ribs? That happened and I had to downsize my order from large to medium - huge bummer because these honey glazed spare ribs were downright tasty and sticky! I love a good marinate and this was just too good to stop at one - I must have eaten more than my share.


Golden Medal Otar Beancurd ($20.80)

Deepfried beancurd blocks coated with otar paste, a mildly fragrant dish that came with a delectable dip too. Perfect as an appetizer.


Salted Egg Pumpkin  Stripes ($13.80)

This understated salted egg dish actually surprised me. Lightly coated with salted egg batter, each pumpkin strip was deepfried and tossed in curry leaves. More addictive than the chips and fish skins if you ask me.


Crispy Cereal Prawn ($24.80)

I can never imagine how they can deep fry prawns and serve it looking like there was no oil used - as fry as a dessert in fact with a delicious cereal mountain and fresh prawns studded within. Truly, another signature to order.


Crab Meat Fish Maw Soup ($32.80)

I call this the poor man's shark's fin soup which works out equally well too. Plentiful of crabmeat and fish maw in this starchy broth.


Minced Meat Fried Four Seasons Beans ($18.80)


Three Treasure Egg with Superior Stock and Daily Vegetable ($21.80)

The vegetable options are numerous too and I strongly recommend the superior stock dish.


Tofu with Cai Poh and Meat ($16.80)

Who'd have thought that simple tofu with caipoh and meat can be a star on its own? A wonderful marriage of savoury and crispy.

Impressive visit this left us and made good of this journey to the north.

Yam's Kitchen
No. 4 Jalan Leban
Upper Thomson Road

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  1. I always walked past this restaurant but I've never tried it before. Looks like i should pay a visit soon! :D Thanks for sharing!

    1. You should!! I already bought another set of vouchers for a return! :P

  2. Ok! I shall go check out groupon as well hehe!