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Wrap and Roll @ Changi City Point


I have had my fair share of dining in Vietnam and a number of Vietnamese joints here too but Wrap and Roll had been under the radar for a while, especially when it comes from a chain, I was exceptionally wary.


The curse of food chains maybe? Changi City Point is a ghost town of its own and perhaps a saving grace for the business park staff. For a friday night and a huge expo event going on and it was barely filled I held with bated breath how dinner would end up.


Table condiments of local sambal and imported yellow chillies caught my eye. Spicier than chilli padi and so shiok when it burns! No wonder this canister was emptied at most tables. Ours included by the end of the meal.


Iced Coffee ($5.30)

Intense and the best of vietnam consumed, in a strange manner. Of all places here actually.


Crispy Prawn Pancakes ($3.90, 2 pieces)

I liked this least of the appetizers, the oily pancake was a tad too thick and the prawn cake was really just fish cake. 


Taste of Hanoi Appetizer Platter ($9.90)

I first tried these in a market and never looked back, cheong funs have taken a springier bite and I suppose it must have been the glutionous rice flour kneaded in. 

Pho Beef Steamed Rice Crepe Rolls 

These are more like chee cheong fun rolled with pho beef. 

Minced Pork and Mushroom Steamed Crepe Rolls

Chewier and packs a bite, great with their chilli dip.


Lotus Shoot Salad with Prawns ($8.90) 

Move over papaya salad, this is the salad to look out for - colours and tangy flavours captured on a single plate. I never quite got acquainted with lotus shoots much until now, that crunch is so refreshing too!


Rice Vermicelli with Grilled Pork and Deep Fried Spring Rolls ($11.90)


Some like it dry, others prefer it doused in dipping sauce.


I prefer to eat it with a dipping sauce though that gets me whacked with an intense sweet and sour finish. I particularly enjoyed the grilled pork that would put our satay to shame, the ratio of fat and meat is on point. Plus, those crispy fried spring rolls saved me the hassle of ordering an appetizer with it too!


Vietnamese Fish Noodle Soup ($13.90)

Looking completely like yong tau foo in a vietnamese way, pretty ordinary inspite of the tasty clear broth.

Impressed with this vietnamese chain, for once the quality of food did not get lost in t

Wrap and Roll
Changi City Point #B1-26/27

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