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The Lokal Revisited @ Keong Siak

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Since patronizing The Lokal, a new perspective on brunch was born. Their menu comprises of house cured meats and brunch options in man-portions, more meat than eggs and equally filling desserts. To say I have tried everything on the menu is not true, I always stick with the perennial favourites, I call it inertia.

The same dishes attempted this time round. I'm getting boring already, I sense. 


Pork Sausage Burger ($25)

I enjoy their burgers because of the generosity of ingredients and pork burgers are a breath of fresh air from the usual beef suspects. It was unfortunate the first arrived not fully cooked and rare pink bits embedded within but the kitchen replaced it.


Juicy, charred and a beautiful touch of grilled pineapples and melted cheese in the same burger. Thick fries and their homemade chilli sauce is always a call for a yummy meal.


Their onion jam is a must order for me, handmade and oh-so-tasty.


Warm Mackerel Salad ($18)

Warm salads are a rarity, more so when they are on point like this one - delicious, hearty and satisfying.

There is so much to like about The Lokal except the crowds. I suppose that is the issue when a cafe gets too popular and service does get hit a fair bit.

The Lokal 
136 Neil Road

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