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The Kitchen Table @ W Hotel Sentosa Cove

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The Kitchen Table at W Hotel Sentosa Cove is one of the whimsical dining venues on Sentosa island and an extensive buffet spread to boot. I was thrilled that this was part of the staycation package - finally I got to check out this place!

It could have been the reviews that regarded this as the best breakfast buffet in Singapore that set the bar high - the buffet lines were not exactly snaking long. Anyhow, let the pictures talk!


Noodle live station for the Asian who needs her fix of something comforting in the morning. There are laksa and chicken broth options to go with the range of noodles. Plus, dimsum was also available.


Congee? The room service menu featured congee with condiments going for a tune of 20 odd buckeroos, possibly scooped from the buffet table methinks.


Granted it was extensive in terms of cuisine featured in a single buffet line - American, Indian and Asian. There would be something for everyone.


This honeycomb got me very excited - how often do you spot one in a buffet anyway? The last time I encountered one was at Banyan Tree Bangkok!


Spot them smiley pancakes being made - these are bound to bring a smile to anyone!


This is perhaps the first time I see so many glass jars used in a buffet - they are used to store cereal, salads and even milk!


We were bummed our room did not come with a coffee machine - thankfully there was this saving grace at breakfast.


Next to their glorious spread of golden bakes was a basket of fruit too!


When faced with so many things to try, I tend to go for the comfort options before piling on the rest of the distracting dishes.

First up, yogurt with honeycomb! This was actually a delicious start, clean and healthy.


See what I mean by salads in glass jars?


Not forgetting the live egg station - I had mine with all the ingredients and scrambled. Some more seasoning would be great - but being on a holiday did make food taste better than they normally do.


Crepes with sausages and doughsticks were also discovered at their pancake section! Where's the soyabean milk to make this uniquely taiwanese?


Finally a self made breakfast for champs - bacon, sausages, mushrooms and greek salad! Who needs to over pay for brunch at the Quayside Isle when the buffet at TKT has it all.


These breaded pork cutlets that came with a curry sauce were moving like hot cakes, delightfully crispy! Tasted decent with the bacon fried rice too!


And lastly, I cave into a bowl of noodles in the most Singaporean way ever - except I opted for the chicken broth instead of laksa that was likely to shake the digestive system too much.

Mee sua in chicken broth sounds like any sick man's food but this was surprisingly tasty! With self picked ingredients, it does offer some respite from the other greasy alternatives.


With a view like that, I ended my brunch on a leisurely note. While I do not agree that the spread was to die for or the best that Singapore had to offer, it was a-okay for a hotel located in such a far end of Sentosa. Something's gotta give for a view right?

The Kitchen Table
W Hotel Sentosa Cove

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