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Teppei Revisited @ Link Hotel

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Lunch are usually crazy affairs at Teppei, even more so than dinners in my opinion - except they do walk-ins and reservation time does not take months.

There are limited counter seats and thankfully for the power failure that occured earlier, we managed to score seats without waiting at almost 1245pm.

All sets come with a complimentary free flow of appetizers - think fish head with carrots and radish, bean sprouts and preserved mustard greens.

Bara Chirashi Don ($17.50)

Still the cheapest bara chirashi don in town, this comes with other variations - seasonal special includes a truffle dressing, or top ups of uni even. Ask and you'd be given, at a fee of course!

Portions seemed to have shrunk since my last hearty tuck in however. 

Seasonal white fish tempura is just one of the many tempura sets available, wish I gave their prawn set a go! 

White Fish Tempura Set ($16.80)


Sweet Potato

Lotus Root

The vegetables were thick cut and coated with a rather thick batter. Dipping into the sauce made consuming it easier though one may end up with too much fried food by the end of the course.

White Fish 

4 different parts of the white fish served up, I polished them all right to the light crumb. Mostly bland though, seasoning is available in the form of furikake and curry powder. Otherwise, just dunk and eat with rice.

Affordable tempura under hot conditions, not quite the environment I would highly recommend to partake of such a piping hot meal. I appreciate how each piece is only fried upon demand and the food is always served hot. Yet, missing out on some value when really it was just 7 pieces of tempura with freeflow condiments.

I suppose Ginza Tendon Itsuki would offer up a better bang for the buck.

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