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Skirt Revisited @ W Hotel

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SKIRT has been my favourite steak place since the first visit and through the years I never quite had the opportunity to head back, until this staycation. I cannot already reiterate how value for money this "Chasing Skirt Package" was with every room booked.


Their amazing loaf served with oil infused with iberico ham and artichoke puree. As much as the soft loaf was so good, I had to save space for the rest of the dishes.




Cream of Potato

Light foamy soup with crouton morsels serve with it, I was already looking forward to the rest in store.


Tuna Ponzu
Chive Flower Slaw, Crispy Rice

Tuna tartare served with wasabi chips, I wonder how ingenuity could exist. Spiked with a wasabi finish, this definitely gave the dish more character.


Beetroot Salad on Toast

Feta cheesed toasts and a cabbage rose adorned with chopped candied walnuts, beetroot and more feta! This is every cheese lover's dream come through and I enjoyed all the elements, spot on and tha balance was exquisite. 


Crab Cake
Cucumber, Spiced Foam

While I thought the chilli crab foam was hinging on too sweet, the concept worked - a crispy and creamy crab cake topped with cucumber shavings. Hits all notes of refreshing.


Palette cleanser of a novel concoction of whiskey and apple juice just before steak is served!


F1 Wagyu Fed Ribeye 
Sher Wagyu MS6-7 Ballan, Victoria, Australia

Numbers aside, I know a good wagyu when I eat one. And the magic of this is how well done is pulled off barely tasting like an overcooked piece of meat like most places overdo it. Come on, serve some justice to the cow that died and the chefs at SKIRT never fail to surprise me on that. Flavourful and buttery, this steak was the highlight truly.


Justice served. 


Gratin Dauphinois


Cheesy potato gratin that I was initially lamenting about the portions - but it was way more than enough. Joy is twirling the spoon with the cheese threads drooling like molten lava.

Sauteed Broccolini with Sakura Ebi

Crunchy florets came with a umami broth perfected with sakura ebis, and they say broccolinis taste better than broccoli. This made sense.


All steak orders are served with a trio of alcohol spiked sauces - YUM!


Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

Too much of a good thing, tends to be a bad thing yet this does not hold true in the face of chocolate. With so many chocolate elements played in a single dish, what I was left with was a clean plate and chocolate stained lips. Amazeballs.


Yuzu Cheese Tart
Granny Smith Apple Sorbet, Raspberry Yuzu Curd

The radioactive neon green apple sorbet was eyecatching but what worked was the yuzu curd, tart base and yuzu spritzer. A contrast of flavours to the rich chocolate finale.


This Swiss red was very versatile, accentuated the flavours of each dish quite well. 


This ceiling installation never fails to wow me each visit and I can spend a great deal of time just starring at it. 


This is another of my favourite installations - made with cutlery!


Wowed yet again by SKIRT, no qualms on returning soonish for more of their steaks!

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