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Shiraz Mazzeh @ Takashimaya

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Hands up, how many of you have walked past this kebab stand along the streets of Orchard and wondered how in the world the crowds would be drawn to it on hot days?

I did and finally joined the queues one fine and really hot Sunday afternoon.


This kebab stand specializes in gourmet kebabs and in just three flavours - beef, chicken and lamb.


Ordering process is simple, pay and decide on filling, vegetable stuffing and 2 choices of dressing.


Served piping hot in a foil bag.


Lamb Kebab ($10.50)

A rolled up wrap stuffed with greens, meat and drenched in sauce.


Somehow this fell short of expectations, the kebab roll was not entirely piping hot despite being over the griddle for a fair amount of time and my choice of dressing: Hummus and Garlic Yogurt ended up having a strange smell and aftertaste. I would recommend getting the kebab to go and sitting by the fountain in Takashimaya - the weather is too unforgiving to be sweating over an unworthy roll too.

Not my best kebab though my curiosity is satisfied.

Shiraz Mazzeh Kebab Stand
Outside Takashimaya

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