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Para Thai Revisited @ One KM Mall

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Para Thai came to mind one rainy evening, I am not even sure how thai food and cold weather goes hand in hand especially when spicy food is not the forte of Para Thai even.


I'm not sure if these are considered thai appetizers per se since I have seen them at Indonesian restaurants too. Nonetheless, keropok's always hard to resist and that mouth watering chilli sauce is worth the $3 price tag. I sounds ridiculous but I probably could get more than a bag full of keropok if I bought them outside anyway.


Baked Prawn Glass Noodles ($16.90)

It could be the presentation of the dish in the menu that made the difference so stark - the first question that came to mind was, where are the three prawns?


Turns out they were buried deep at the bottom of the pot. Rice vermicelli was delicious though a tad oily and the prawns were a let down with their mushy contents.


Black Olive Fried Rice ($11.90)

Yet another that defied the photography presentations, chicken was fried with the rice together with what seemed like minced beef. Tasty rice dish that fared alot better than the vermicelli.


BBQ Pork Collar Homemade Sauce ($13.90)

I love my pork collars and this did not disappoint - the sinewy charred slices laced with a certain sweetness and smokeyness. Trust the Thais to know what to do with pork collars! Great eaten on its own or with chilli padi, personally I thought the homemade sauce was too sweet.

Hits and misses at Para Thai but truly there is nothing to fault when prices are this friendly and dishes are more acceptable to the wider palette. As much as I love my food hot and spicy, this is a good option when one is dining with non spicy diners.

Para Thai
One KM Mall

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