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Hougang Hai Zhen Yuan (后港海珍圆) @ Old Airport Hawker Center


Old Airport Hawker Center ranks as one of my favourite ones around - a foodie's haven literally with each district's best featured all at once.

Hougang Hai Zhen Yuan is one of those, located right smack next to Jin Hua's franchise from Maxwell Market - fiesty move but it prodded us to try.


Mixed Fish Soup ($5)
Batang Fish

The broth at first glance already looks richer than the other fish soups attempted and with the addition of fried scallions and seaweed, it smelt just too good for further snaps.


Uber fresh batang fish slices in a broth so flavourful, this is one for the those who prefer a strong flavoured broth  possibly derived from hours of simmering and plenty of bones. Get a bowl of rice and be ready for a delightful meal.

Judge the stall not for the crowds for I think I've found my idea of best mixed fish soup in town! Plus, their menu specialises in just fish soup - think fish head and sliced fish too!

Old Airport Hawker Center

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