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Grand Pavilion Revisited @ Esplanade

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The bane of running promotions on Groupon means the bargain hunter of a consumer like me would not visit on a normal basis but rather wait for the descent of the next voucher promotion to visit.


Grand Pavilion is one of those places I would head back in a heart beat with a Groupon, and that was exactly what happened.

Who does not love a good deal, anyway?


Whole Peking Duck ($58)

Face it, I cannot resist peking duck. It must be the sorcery in that egg crepe, sweet sauce and thin as wafer crispy duck skin that makes me order it every single time.


Not forgetting these keropoks!


Having the duck chopped up is also a preferred way to eat it except the herbal sauce does make this taste like a herbal duck more than peking duck. Crispy goodness, mmmm!


Half Crispy Chicken ($20)

Another poultry dish nailed well on crispy skin and crunchy keropok.


Sweet and Sour Pork ($27.80)

A childhood favourite that usually sees more batter than meat but Grand Pavilion's has a lovely crunch, tangy sweet and sour sauce perfected with pineapples and last but not least a delicious affair that leaves me clamouring for more.


Steamed Garoupa with Beancurd ($41.80)

There were inconsistencies in their steamed fish dishes the last round and turned out reasonably well this time. Hit and miss usually for me.


Hong Kong "Kai Lan" ($24.80)

This looked so well greased, loved the crunchiness of this. Simple vegetable dish but so hard to nail.


Braised Beancurd with Seasonal Greens ($24.80)

Silken egg tofu ingots and mushrooms served with seasonal greens of snow peas, I would have expected another type of greens served.


XO Beef Rice Noodle ($31.80)

The parting end to the meal was this - none of the fanciful raw egg in horfun, just simple stir fried beef hor fun. Albeit a tad greasy yet this had so much flavour - the smoky, the tasty and the delightful. Best consumed with green pickled chillies.

Perhaps our interest was waning but I have tried almost all the signature dishes across all the visits. Dimsum would be on the cards next.

Grand Pavilion
Theatres by the Bay
Esplanade Drive #02-25/27/29

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