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Gourmet Pop-Up Market @ Jamie's Italian, Vivocity

~Invited Session~


Jamie’s Italian VivoCity recently launched their first ever Gourmet Pop-Up Market in partnership with Somersby over the last weekend. Given how Farmer's Markets and Gourmet Markets are all the rage now, this is one perfect stopover for families and cooks alike!


A number of booths were set up in the al fresco area of the restaurant and this particular booth got my interest most! Pity none of the fresh produce were available for retail.


The very delicious sounding board of fresh produce! We were made to guess which fruit and vegetable corresponded to their foreign sounding names.


Beautiful harvest platter.


All eyes on the "World's Hottest Chilli" which I instantly recognized as the Maldivian Chillies savoured in Maldives.

The lingering heat that chokes the throat and tastebuds is definitely not for the faint hearted but trust me, it was every ounce of satisfaction for the chilli padi lover in me. Now, the bak chor mee stalls should have an ultra spicy one using these hottest chillies!


The friendlier produce up for sampling!


Meet the petite pineberry from Netherlands, a fragrant and sweet strawberry hybrid.


Ice plant from France looks perpetually dripping with water droplets. Loved the crunchiness of this!


The tiniest mango ever seen and crazy sweet too!


Banana passionfruit for one tasted like passionfruit, except it had a bitter aftertaste.


A range of the restaurant’s freshly made pastas were also available for purchase alongside house-made pasta sauces such as a fiery arrabbiata and Gennaro’s signature Bolognese made with farm assured beef, free-range pork and a splash of Chianti.


Merchandise anyone?


Next to the spread of goodies, there was also a selection of cured meats from Levoni, cheeses, freshly baked breads and accompaniments to create that perfect antipasti platter

Showcased here is the Pane Carasau, a Spanish traditional flatbread that goes perfectly well with their "world's best olive oil". 





Yet another world's best olives for sampling.


Spot the cans of specialty Acquerello Rice, produced by a small family run business outside of Turin, we even nabbed two cans to try to replicate the perfect risotto at home. Wish me luck!  


Last but not least, somersby lent some shimmer to the event with chilled bottles of cider to quench our thirsts from this insane heat.


Bottoms up, folks! It is never too early for cider, I realise.




Godsent antidote.


Cured Meats ($15.50 per person)
San Daniele prosciutto, pistachio mortadella, bresaola and hot soppressata with mini buffalo mozzarella, aged pecorino and chilli jam, pickles, olives and rainbow slaw

Great for sharing, these platters showcase almost everything we saw and sampled at the booth!


Om. Nom.


Tagliatelle Bolognese ($26)
Gennaro’s original pork and beef Bolognese recipe, slow cooked & served with herby breadcrumbs & Parmesan



Toss in spoonfuls of freshly shaved parmesan cheese for a sharper taste otherwise, just twirl your way to a hearty meal. The bread crumbs gave this an added bite in this already wholesome meat sauce pasta dish.


Wild Mushroom and Smoked Mozzarella Risotto ($26.50)
Acquerello rice with fresh & dried wild mushrooms & oozy smoked mozzarella

 Comfort food with mushrooms and smoked mozzarella.


Pimped Margherita ($22.50)
Crushed tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, Parmesan and extra virgin olive oil

I particularly loved the popping colours on the plate, another dish great for sharing.

Do keep your eyes peeled for their future Gourmet Pop-Up Markets, they will be exciting affairs for sure! I can't wait to get my hands on the world's hottest peppers.

Gourmet Pop Up Market
Jamie's Italian, Vivocity

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