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Dragon Boat Festival 2016: Hoo Kee Dumplings @ Amoy Hawker Center

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I got my rice dumplings without a fuss and that surprised me a fair bit. No reservations required, it was weeks leading up to Dragon Boat Festival and I could still do a walk in.


Hoo Kee Bak Zhang - Salted Egg Yolk ($3.60)

An all time favourite and mine too, the salted egg yolk gives this a distinct flavour and explains my cantonese roots. The nonya ones hardly appeal.


Hoo Kee Bak Zhang - Mushrooms ($3.60)

Mushrooms and chestnuts make this healthiest of the three options.

With just 3 offerings, they have definitely come a long way. Hoo Kee is still one to go to for affordable rice dumplings without the fancy pants innovations that restaurants specialise in these days. Chewy rice grains enveloping well marinated meats and stuffings, I'd suggest eating with their chilli paste for more oomph!

Hoo Kee Dumplings
Amoy Street Food Centre

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