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Candy Crepe by Bangmad @ Central World, Bangkok

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It took Jamie Chua to publicize this and it got our nation nuts about this import from the Land of Smiles. Originating from Ayutthaya the ancient capital of Thailand, Roti Sai Mai is a street food in Thailand and is essentially a Thai-style candy floss or cotton candy wrapped in sweet roti.


Now, roti sounds Malay or Indian even but Thai? That has to be a first.

Candy Crepe by Bangmad is the must bring home souvenir now and lucky me had one such chance at this - after missing the Thai Festival at the Thai Embassy that saw sold out boxes of candy crepes and irate customers who could not lay their hands on the prized boxes. For the record, they were going for $43, a box of pandan crepes and two tubs of candy floss.

In Bangkok, the same combination retails for 250 THB. Well work the sums if buying an airticket and paying for hotel would make sense for triple the price.


These freshly made pandan flavoured crepes are stored in a plastic bag and  are recommended for consumption within 3 days without refrigeration and a week with.


The rainbow coloured candy floss are stringy like hair but melt in the mouth so quickly, I actually like this better than cotton candy! Each colour signifies a different flavour and they include flavours like cola, coconut, raspberry, grape, strawberry-kiwi and orange!


Roll it up like a popiah and savour! I liked this enough and was pleasantly surprised how balanced the sweetness was - none of that tooth achingly sweet aftertaste that usually bothers me.

I'd suggest re-steaming them if they are stored in the fridge, to retain the chewy texture of the crepe that quite resembles the crepe used in kueh dadar!

And now the big question is - where do I even get refills?

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