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Toss & Turn @ Vivocity

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Dining at Vivocity can be quite a pain on a Friday night with every single food and beverage station crowded and with a queue - leaving the service free options, options. Toss N Turn had been around for a fair amount of time now, the salad arm of Cedele.

There were a number of ongoing dining promotions that featured a salad, hot mains and soup for just $17.40.


A pity that my favourite curry pumpkin was sold out, at least roasted peppers and tomato soup was equally delicious. The beef stew was equally good - I can never fault cedele's soups.


The hot mains that purportedly included a mouth watering range of peri peri chicken, homemade meatballs and roast beef but we were only left with meatballs for the day. The dampener came when the supposed hot main was barely lukewarm and my soup in comparison was piping hot!


Our choices of salad base, 1 deli, 1 hot main, 4 veggies and a dressing. My roast chicken salad with honey mustard was definitely a tastier version than the spicy dressing the husband decided on.


I'd suggest picking chicken as your protein, while I ended up with a generous fistful, the husband ended up with 4 mere prawns.

Average salads with an equally average price point - the best value would be their large soups that are bundled in.

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