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Todamgol @ Tanjong Pagar Road

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Eating korean in Tanjong Pagar, is like a fad. Every 10 metres gets you either a fried chicken or bbq place. And come night fall, the place is buzzing with activity. K-mania never quite dies with an outstanding drama every couple of years and to think I left my pubescent idol adoring years far behind me, until Descendents of the Sun came along. 

So then, this different looking restaurant stands out - for looking like a garden and a village all at once. I cannot quite put a finger to its oddity, but at least I remember a particular restaurant looking this way in the stretch of eateries.

There is just something about wrapped utensils that make them look cleaner than they are.

A weird choice of a pavilion right smack in the middle of the restaurant. We have some serious design issues here.

With a menu that is heavy on meats, it is no wonder actually when one can get all the fibre needed from their complimentary banchans. Some unusual dishes spotted include a warm spicy potato salad and egg omelette that would seem more Japanese than Korean in origin. Second for all nonetheless, they were too tasty to ignore.

Bimbimbap ($12)

Unlike most other bimbimbaps, this hotstone rice pot had minced beef inside.

Tossing to delicious times, digging into a pot full of gochuljang sauce smeared rice is plain satisfying. And those seaweed flakes made for more deliciosity.

Beef Bugolgi ($15)

I was not expecting portions to be this huge - a literal mountain of grilled beef. Too hearty for one, and great for two. A pity the meat was not sizzling on the pan but with such great value, I am not complaining.

Spot the newest addition in the refill of banchan!

Watermelon slices to round things up.

Value for money set lunches that more than fills, I would be back to check out their other offerings especially when there are so many dishes only available at lunch!
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