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河婆客家擂茶 Thunder Tea Rice @ Tanjong Pagar Market

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Since getting on the bandwagon of thunder tea rice, I have been scouring the island for the best thunder tea rice and it has definitely brought me to places! Featured today is a stall located in the bustling hawker center of Tanjong Pagar Market. The first visit rendered me a closed shop on a week long's break and finally when I returned again, the queue at any one point dragged for a good 20 people.

Patience, I learnt is the key to good food.

As I progressed closer to the stall, the number of items getting sold out were increasing. Worse come to worst, I still had my thunder tea rice without additional orders to satisfy the curiosity and hunger.

Thunder Tea Rice ($3.50)
Meatballs ($0.50 each)

$3.50 for white rice and an additional 50 cents for brown rice, incredible value for CBD standards. I never quite had a packed styrofoam box lunch so fragrant till now, it must have been the extra sprinkling of fried shrimp that made all the difference. My thunder tea rice comprised of long beans, cabbage, chye poh, hae bi and tofu.

Those additional meatballs are fried till crisp and comprised of a blend with tofu, so tasty too!

Not forgetting the thunder tea paste that gets packed along too, I say dilute it with some hot water for a hearty soupy time. Take note on the strong flavours that could mar one's tastebuds thereafter. Otherwise, one of the tastiest thunder tea soups around.

Subsequent orders saw me caving into their large yong tau foo pieces stuffed so generously with minced pork!

Sold I am on this stall, cheap, good and best of all so tasty. Will be back to check out their other sides!

Traditional Hakka Rice 河婆客家擂茶
Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market & Food Centre
Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza

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