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Por Kee Revisited @ Seng Poh Lane

Visiting Por Kee and having a kick out of their food is a gamble always. On some days they are good and others not so, but seems that our luck always ran out when we hit a proper visit and had better luck with takeaways.

Nonetheless, it was packed on a Wednesday and faced with an ordering taking dude who decided that the whole universe owed him a living.


Peanuts that became my favouritest thing from dinner that night. 


Salted Egg Prawns ($22)

The original order of cereal prawns got lost somewhere in translation - the order taker insisted he got it right and blamed us for not returning the dish before eating and subsequently, the server who was visibly upset and tried to explain herself. The dramatic turn of events made me wonder - was it him or just kitchen politics that makes people nasty.

Anyhow, tuck into the prawns we did. Salted egg prawns it was with crispy shells and a somewhat soggy salted egg coating. Not the best I have had from Por Kee.


Deer Meat with Ginger and Onion ($18)

Too much tenderizer used such that the deer and beef in horfun tasted uncannily similar. I probably will not be able to tell with closed eyes.


Beef Horfun


There are so many variations in seafood or beef and dry or wet that we always hamtum and hopefully get a delicious combination. This proves that I actually prefer the dry version alot better for beef because this tasted so much like deer. Loved the kuay teow just not that much love for the meat.


Sliced Fish Fried with Kai Lan ($16)

Stir Fried Kai Lan with Garlic

Sweet Potato Leaves with Garlic 

Across the board bad, the vegetables tasted like they were first blanched and then tossed in a preheated garlic mix. 


Sweet and Sour Pork ($12)

The single pink wafer rose adorning the dish made me nostalgic, the days where plating was about how many roses and cut cherry tomatoes and cucumbers accompanying the dish were over. Time truly flies and thankfully the pork cubes were decently crispy and not overly fatty.

Not such a tasty visit afterall and we put off pending visits back to this place off for a while. Nostalgia gone down hill, unfortunately or we should really just stick with takeaways. 

Por Kee Eating House
69 Seng Poh Ln #01-02

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