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Pimp My Salad @ PasarBella Suntec

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I shall not hide my love for Pasarbella, afterall, I did enjoy some delicious times at Turf City. Except the distance usually puts me off from patronizing as often as I'd like. Pimp My Salad, one of the stalls has been gaining huge interest for its photogenic green plates.


Gone are the days of the famed Ponderosa or Sizzler Salad Bar (depending which generation one belonged to) and salads were merely chopped lettuce  and the likes of a deconstructed caesar salad with dressing.


 Meet 21st century's interpretation of salad - with plenty of autonomy over what goes into the plate and no further tossing is actually necessary.


Will work for smashed sweet potato.


Baby Spinach, Greek Feta Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes with Parsley and Garlic, Grilled Thai Asparagus, Hummus, Roasted Lemon Chicken Breast, Lemon and Olive Oil Dressing ($14)

While the chicken was cooked too tender, hummus and greek feta cheese made healthy eating so darn delicious. The thai asparagus were somehow a letdown with their fibrous exteriors.


Baby Spinach, Shimeiji and Button Mushrooms, Smashed Sweet Potatoes, Gucamole, Puy Lentils with Thyme, Oven-Baked Salmon with Dill and Capers, Beetroot and Yogurt Dressing ($17)

Visually so pleasing with that pink beetroot and yogurt dressing drizzled on top this super hearty plate. The smashed potatoes and guacamole were absolutely the bomb, and hardly do I voluntarily take on this sweet root vegetable instead of potatoes. Salmon fared way better than chicken inspite of its fishy smell but there are simply too many good things going on in a single plate to even fault.

Bases start from $2, Toppings $1, Grains $1.50, Proteins $5, Garnishes $1 and Dressings $1.


Who'd have thought with such a suggestive moniker, the salads would be equally playful, audacious and mighty tasty? This one bet paid off and trust me, many more plates to come.

Pimp My Salad
Pasarbella Suntec

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