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Jing Shu Shi Curry Rice @ Tanglin Halt Food Center

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Tanglin Halt is a baffling area for me, there are two districts with hawker centers, one with a wet market and the other stands alone - all within walking distance anyhow. This visit was purely meant for Thunder Tea Rice that by my own unfortunate stoke of luck decided to close its shutters for "personal matters".

And without many other choices, we opted for one with the longest queue. Opening at 530pm till 930pm, this curry rice stall gets constant snaking queues. Truth be told, I am partial towards curry rice, it is not one of my top favourite local dishes neither do I have cravings about it much - if anything a curry laden nasi padang meal would have won my vote in a heartbeat.


Pork chops fried till so crisp, these could pass off as keropok with its almost non-existent meat content. Ask for a side of curry to dunk them in if this is too dry for comfort.


Assam fish with a watery gravy and thankfully fresh fish.


Vegetable dishes were pretty ordinary, similar to what one can get at a cai png stall.





The curry gravy that was somehow too sweet to douse food in.

Once again, unimpressed with curry rice that nearly every other Singaporean loves as much as char kuay teow and cai png.

Fish $3-$5
Vegetables $0.70-$1.50
Meat $1.20-$1.50
Ikan Bilis $1-2

Prices for takeaway are slightly higher.

Jing Shu Shi Curry Rice
Tanglin Halt Food Centre, Blk 3A Commonwealth Drive #01-28

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