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Aryaa @ Beach Road

~Invited Session~


Aryaa is the first restaurant in Singapore to offer diners a chance to embark on a unique culinary journey along the food route of world renowned conqueror, Alexander the Great.


The entire concept from its interior to the food is carefully curated to take you on the culinary pilgrimage of Alexander as he travelled across continents making Aryaa a place where history meets cuisine. 

Having been to both Greece and Turkey, this concept appealed because hopefully it brought us back to the places that gave us lovely gourmet memories. Aryaa has chefs hired from Greece, Middle East and also Turkey, all specializing in their own cuisine.


Spot the armour emblem. 


Soup of the Day ($12)


A yogurt soup peppered with a spicy oil and smelt uncannily like popcorn. The companion loved sheep's brain soup in Turkey and likened it to a close rendition, a dish I never quite got down to liking very much. A case of personal preferences.


Garides Saganaki ($17)
Prawns baked in tomato, garlic, fresh herbs and served with feta cheese and herb laminated bread

I only remember having a fried cheese version and this was quite different from what I remembered, it is more of a tomato stew with feta cheese and prawns. Loved the vine tomatoes and acidity of the dish.


Lamb Moussaka ($28)
Aubergine, capsicum, potatoes, zucchini topped with Bechamel sauce

A greek specialty that resembles lasagne, dig deep for vegetables that are embedded under the bechamel blanket.


Comes with a side of tomato rice too!


Gyro on pitas ($18)
Marinated chicken served on a pita topped with onions, tomatoes and tzatziki dip


This is a deconstructed version of souvlaki, and instead of wraps it is a pita pocket ready to be stuffed with chicken, vegetables, tzatziki dip and also french fries. A classic street food in Greece and even Turkey. One filling dish that is recommended to be shared - have fun filling the pita pocket but beware of bursting it!


Laal Maas ($24)
Rajastani lamb curry made with Mathania red chillies and emulsion of tomatoes and yogurt

We were warned about this "mega spicy" lamb curry dish - for the chilli padi lovers this is an easy peasy piece of cake to overcome and barely tickled the senses much. I enjoyed the tender lamb chunks in curry though I must say. Would have been great with a side of naan.


Galaktoboureko ($15)
Homemade custard wrapped in crispy filo pastry drizzled with melted butter and scented syrup


Belittle these glistening parcels not, bite into these crispy filo pastry parcels stuffed with a delicious homemade thick custard. The perfumed syrup and butter were definitely a highlight too.

The restaurant transforms into a bar and lounge by night, for patrons to feast and make merry all night. Enjoy bespoke cocktails by the in-house mixologist and great music by gorgeous DJs at night.


Arabian Nights ($24)
Homemade Infused Gin, Amaro, Sweet Vermouth, Pimms No. 1

From their list of signature cocktails, there are a number of unique ones like hummus infused and even spice. This orange hued cocktail sweetened with Pimms No. 1 is more of a ladies drink than a lad's.

There is something for everyone at Aryaa, more suited with a tolerance for spice. Plus, their sweet happy hour prices, make a date today!

7500E Beach Road, #01-201 The Plaza (Diners Building), 

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