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Zaffron Kitchen @ East Coast Road


Zaffron Kitchen holds one of the hottest tables along East Coast Road on a weekend, in fact twice on a Saturday night we had to queue. I suppose this indicates food is good.


Going high tech with smart devices!


My dinner is just a click away. Awesome.


Their open yet not so open concept kitchen.


Samosa ($6.50)


These Indian versions of curry poks are double the sin and satisfaction. I love that oily, buttery and crusty edges with fillings that rival vegetable curry. Plus, that mint yogurt, delicious.


Zaffon Salad ($8.50)
Vegs: Paneer tikka with chopped greens dressed in Zaffron's special dressing topped with cranberries and pistachios

I did not think much of this coleslaw look-a-like topped with cranberries and this turned out to be a mighty delicious salad. It was coleslaw and only better.


Tikka Prawns

These prawns were missing out on the freshness, I picked on that was mushy to taste but the flavours were spot on - smoky and best eaten with that squeeze of lime.



Chicken Chettinad ($13.50)

This was more lemak than butter chicken and missing out in some spiciness despite asking for more spice.


Butter Chicken ($16)

This is a must at Zaffron, in fact I consider this a gauge of a restaurant's culinary abilities.


Jaipuri Vegetable ($13.50)

A mish mesh of cauliflower and frozen vegetables.


Chana Masala ($9.50)
Chickpeas cooked in a tangy mélange of freshly roasted spices and rich tomato gravy


I found this more gratifying than the jaipuri somehow.


Kashmiri Naan ($5.50)

Handpulled naan studded with nuts and raisins, a first for me and definitely not the last. I love the grittiness and sweet-savouriness of this!


Cheese Naan ($5.50)

An irresistible choice, these molten cheese threads plumped the naans up and I suppose that's where cheese crusts got their inspiration from.


Dum Chicken Briyani ($14.50)

Their briyanis unveil a whole spectrum of satisfaction behind the layer of handpulled dough and...


Well greased grains of rice with a flavourful protein cooked alongside. I found the chicken version particularly fragrant and absolutely divine.


Dum Mutton Briyani ($15)


Mutton was dryer in texture as compared to the juicy chicken.


But there was a further surprise of a chicken egg inside!


Did I mention they are very kid's friendly too? The popcorn machine is heralded to entertain the young ones at their play area.

Zaffron's Kitchen is now my new favourite Indian restaurant. Be back, or be square!

Zaffron Kitchen
135/137 East Coast Road

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