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Yantra @ Tanglin Mall

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All it took was for a number of Indian friends to mention Yantra was a must visit and a dinner was booked. So much for cajoling I say, and Yantra has been around for ages!


Relatively empty on a Friday night, it seemed as if we booked the whole place! Our happiness was shortlived because the tables were soon filled.


The only open concept part of their kitchen, cauldrons of clay I believe for the baking of Indian breads.


I can't hardly wait for this gastronomical jouney into  the North Indian cuisine already!


A silver bowl of crackers and papadums get served up, mighty delicious. The papadums were too salty for me.


Eat alongside the trio of dips, an orange chutney, mint yogurt and preserved red onions.

Ordering from their menu is SO easy because most of the dishes come with pictures to boot! That saves alot of memory space on imagining based on a string of words.


Vegetarian Samosa ($38)


The table next to ours had these and I could not resist ordering a portion too, on top of the crazy number of dishes we already ordered. These vegetarian Indian version of curry puff is a winner with that crispy and crusty pastry unveiling an aromatic filling of peas and potatoes.


That green chili though meant for ornamental purposes came in handy to add more fieriness to the dish. Drool factor, maximum.


Chicken Bharta ($40)

A Yantra signature, shredded chicken cooked with mild spices in a flavoursome gravy.


I never had my chicken in curry shredded before and this was mighty delicious! And ingenious not to mention. Flavours are all absorbed into the chicken and paired with diced egg, this was so hearty on its own. I would have been belly happy with just this and naan alone.


Dhuan Gosht ($41)

Slow clove-cooked lamb cubes dry roasted with spices and simmered over charcoal fire.


This is as theatrical as it can get with an inedible charcoal chunk placed within for that lift off the lid wafting fragrance. The uncooked gummy dough was the perfect glue to keep the lids on despite the heat and within cooked a mouthwatering lamb curry so delightful, I never counted lamb curry as the top few curries to eat but this changed all of that.


Jhinga Goa Curry ($40)


Crunchy prawns in coconut curry, a pleasant yet intensely aromatic dish. I lapped up that gravy so greedily, I wondered if a food coma was eminent.


Kathali Aloo ($25)

I cannot apologise enough for the shaky photo! It must have been the hunger. Potatoes cooked in dill leaves, so simple yet crispy and really darn delicious.


Paneer Masla ($32)

Cottage cheese curry soaking in a tomato and cashew nut gravy, just how many flavours are going on at the same time? So many yet so complementary at the same time.


Sabzi Miloni ($32)

Grilled vegetables that somehow tasted so yummy.


Garlic Naan ($9)
Chilli Cheese Naan ($9)
Aloo Kulcha ($10)

Ordering on a state of extreme hunger is bad business because over ordering is inevitable and that was exactly what we did. Armed with 3 men, we had way more than enough naans to go around and chilli cheese was such a tease with a barely there spiciness and who does not love cheese? All breads are made in house and boy, these are the reason why Indian breads deserve a separate category of satisfaction altogether. Even the Aloo Kulcha was delightful, with potatoes kneaded in.


Chicken Briyani Dum ($38)


I was definitely on the brim of bursting at this point but a recent encounter with dum briyani has made this a staple at all my indian cuisine meals. Tear off that paper thin prata to unveil a perfumed rice dish studded with chicken. My, my, my in my gluttony this was still so outstanding.


Worthy of all the praise.

If you are looking for a meal that assaults your tastebuds, this may not be the place for you because this is North Indian Cuisine afterall.We enjoyed our meal tremendously, and like they all say - one of the best in Singapore.

163 Tanglin Road
Tanglin Mall, #01-28/33

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