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Peloton Coffee & Juice Bar @ Changi Village

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It is a Biker's paradise in Changi Village - it must be, otherwise why are there so many of them lurking around at the cafes? Peloton is one of the many inspired by bikers and for bikers with the interest captured in the paintings, decor and almost everything else to do with the cafe - I am thankful my drinks are not served in rubber mugs.


Peloton reminds me a fair deal about Roost in Johor Bahru, lots of vibe and serving up drinks, primarily.


Nab a bag?



The wheels on the walls go...I cannot seem to get the annoying nursery rhyme out of my head but this somehow sticks.


Cake to go with your cuppa?


Green Goblin ($6)

Kiwi and mint blended into a green concoction - I thought this was a delicious mix as compared to its celery, wheatgrass and even green apple combinations. I may have found some pixie magic in the green goblin.


Long Black ($4.50)

The caffeine addict relied on it for the caffeine kicks, just good enough for the boost methinks.

I spotted furry animals brought on dates too at the bar, which makes this an alternative hangout location for fur friends. If not, there are a ton of other alternatives around the area.

Peloton Coffee and Juice Bar
1 Changi Village Road, #01-2008

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