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New Taste 新嘉飨 @ Macpherson Road

~Invited Session~


New Taste opens up in a neighbourhood studded with old gourmet gems hoping to bring a breath of fresh air with fine modern chinese fare. Drawing on his previous experiences working at renown hotels and chinese restaurants, Chef Cao Yong has been whipping up dishes personally at this spacious restaurant cum hotpot spot.

新嘉飨 represents a new Singapore with new flavours in a foreign land.


Chef Cao Yong previously represented Singapore in China for the Shanghai Team Culinary Competition and emerged tops. Word has it his winning menu will be made available at their restaurant soon!


Freshly squeezed, these juices pack enough antioxidants to take us through this hazy period! I even learnt a tip about spotting fresh and pre-made juices - the foam on top tells a tale or two about its freshness. If it looks coagulated or does not foam on top, chances are the juices are pre-made.


A thing or two about their condiments - these chilli sauces are hand made and so delicious, I wish they sold them by bottle!


Pickled Black Fungus and Green Chilli ($5.90)

An appetizing one with hot and spicy notes, the green chilli is one not to be trifled with. Packs a fiery punch and shivers down one's throat - yet, so satisfying.


Chilled Pork Belly with Garlic Sauce ($6.90)

Love your garlic and love this with a vengeance, this tasty number was an exhilarating one that left a tongue biting sensation and a refreshing crunch. The details paid to this dish was impressive, down to the pea sprouts and goji berries.

If that did not impress, they live by the mantra that every thing plated has to be edible to make sense.


Handmade Crispy Long Cheese Sticks ($12.90)

This is a table favourite with crispy sticks of filo pastry encasing a delectable cream cheese filling. Great as a snack or even an appetizer, word has it that companies have catered this as tea breaks even!

A healthier alternative to oily peanuts and crackers, just go easy on these cheesy delights or face not having stomach space left for the other culinary creations!


Smoked Duck Pickled Ginger ($8.90)

Smoked duck tasting just like ham and only better. I salivate even by looking at it! Just the right amount of salt used in this tender meat dish, their appetizers are so mouthwatering, I would have problems trying to get past ordering appetizers.


Signature Crab Porridge ($39.90, Seasonal Price)

With an opening promotion of just $19.90, this signature dish is a steal and a must order! Bathed in a broth so comforting and rich, the flavours of the meat crab was fully captured in it. Gone are the days of lobster porridge, crab porridge is here to stay.


One is certainly not enough, I spied a table of two having 2 portions of this! The rice grains are cooked till soft and makes a congee so delicious, I would be equally happy drinking up the broth on its own. The crabs were fresh and taste best on its own if not with a dab of their house made chilli. Quantities are limited because crabs are brought in fresh and killed upon demand.


Deep Fried Spinach Beancurd with Fresh Mushroom and Black Truffle ($12.90)

Another dish aimed to impress with fresh truffles stir fried with hand made tofu topped with spinach. That silken tofu put all the machine ones to shame obviously with its smooth as silk texture and crispy exterior. Shaved truffles had to be the cherry on top of the icing, providing much fragrance and sensory delight! At this rate, I could be so pampered and would never want to pay for truffles by the grammage.


Chinese Spinach in Superior Stock ($12.90)

Spinach with three types of eggs, century egg, salted egg and chicken egg all in a single dish. This is a common dish on most Asian menus but it takes more than just the ingredients to get it all right and very often the skill of the chef is in question.

Chef Cao pulled off a droolicious one, we kept slurping up the broth and vegetables heartily. This is one for a simple dinner and exceptional with a bowl of rice.


Lemongrass Jelly ($3.90)

Lemongrass Jelly is a classic asian dessert, one that soothes the throat a fair deal and wobbles with such grace, even the one who shuns dessert had nothing but praises.

The dishes are exceptional in flavour and value and definitely would meet five star hotel quality even. Slowly but surely, this little gem will find its hoards of fans so why not check it out and be acquainted. On top of communal dishes, they also have single portions of rice and noodle dishes too.

The folks behind New Taste have also gotten their thumbs in another pie - hot pot, one that is even more pocket friendly! 



Spot their signature chilli sauce?


Tables complete with electronic heaters.


A well stocked spread and it's eat-all-you-want!


Zooming in on the plates that would make any carnivore wink. All in for all of $25.90!


There, a promotion not to be missed.


To entice the working crowds, lunch sets with incredible value is also up for grabs.

Now, I wish I worked around the corner to enjoy these deals!

New Taste 新嘉飨
476 Macpherson Road

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