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Mark your calendars for Diner En Blanc 2015 with an SG50 theme!

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~Invited Session~


Diner En Blanc returns this year with a twist on 21 November in this forth edition - it will be SG50 themed. So tau huay is allowed this year, I muse after the infamous fiasco. Before we go into #everythingalsoSG50 debate, perhaps some history about this highly sought after and over subscribed event?


Launched more than 25 years ago by François Pasquier and his close friends in Paris, France, Dîner en Blanc now brings together nearly 15,000 people each year in some of the most prestigious locations throughout the City of Lights.


There will be at least 3,000 other likeminded foodies, fashionistas and cultural enthusiasts attending the annual event. The venue is kept under tight wraps until minutes before its commencement. This is my first time attending Diner En Blanc and if the media preview was by any means close to the real deal, I must say I am already intrigued.


Set in the lush garden of the French Ambassador's Residence, his garden was transformed magically into a wonderland of some sorts, complete with wooden flooring, large white lights and right down to the tables and chairs were all in white.


We were fed by Luxe Catering who will be lovingly crafting all the available menus this festival, there are three for selection, each featuring local landmarks and also spices in the dishes. Should BYOF not appeal, you can always book any of these featured menus for a gastronomical time!

Botanic Gardens (Vegetarian)  ($98 for 2 pax)
Summer Vegetable Salad with Honey Lime Dressing
Falafel Ball with Tzatziki Sauce and Pita Bread
Root Vegetable Tagine on Cinnamon Scented Brown Rice
Spinach and Ricotta Quiche
Summer Fruit Tartlet

Crafted for vegetarians, I did not get to taste this but the mere mention of falafel and root vegetable tagine is enough to make me drool!

City Hall ($99 for 2 pax)

Smoked Duck Salad with Orange Hoisin Dressing

Tasty smoked bites served with a side salad.


Chicken Satay Tortilla Wrap with Onion and Cucumber Slaw

Two dishes merged in one, chicken satay and wrap. I wish this was plumped up with more vegetables or meat but this was otherwise a decent take on our national favourite - satay!


Laksa Pesto Prawn Linguine 

Another fusion dish with linguine and laksa pesto, pleasant flavours missing out on the usual fiery oomph of belachan and laksa leaves.


Baked Goat Cheese and Tomato Tart


Delightfully cheesy, the goat cheese and tomato was a merry combination.


Sesame Chocolate Tart

Think happiness in terms of an overloaded mini tart - thick and indulgent chocolate mousse.

Istana Menu ($120 for 2 pax)


Tiger Prawn, Wild Rice Salad with Salted Egg Mayo Dressing

Succulent tiger prawns on a bed of wild rice and a light salted egg mayo dressing, this was probably inspired by our favourite salted egg prawn zichar dish!


Shepherd’s Pie Braised Rendang Veal Cheek with Potato Mash

A surprise dish that combined the east and west quite beautifully, the melt in the mouth veal cheek rendang was perfectly executed - including the oomph and right about of lemakness like a solid pot of beef rendang. For once, I would give up my nasi for kentang (potato in Malay).


Herb Crusted Halibut Fillet, Summer Greens, Bonito Essence

Lots of lightness going on in this fish dish, the bonito essence and flaky fish.


Fromage - Emmental, Cheddar and Cabra Goat Cheese served with French Baguette and Sautéed Fruits 

While I wished for more variety, this cheese platter kept me belly happy.


Passion Fruit Chocolate Tartlet with Fresh Raspberry 

A tangy finish to wrap things up.


Ruinard was the official champagne sponsor for the preview night, they ensured we were reasonably sloshed by end of night.



Tasting the stars I did, thank you for the enjoyable evening.

Wine and Bubbles is the exclusive beverage supplier this year. They pride themselves their range of organic wines from small and family-owned “Domaines”. With 18 different Rosé Wines, they offer    the largest selection of Rosé Wines in Singapore.

The    Mas    de    Lunès    - Secret    de    Lunes Pinot    noir


The    Mas    de    Lunès    - Secret    de    Lunes    Viognier 


2014 Château Paradis Coteaux d'Aix en Provence Rose 

To maintain the uniqueness of Le Dîner en Blanc as well as staying true to tradition, guests must observe certain requirements and follow a few key rules: 
  • Registration to participate happens in three stages: Phase 1 is for members who attended the previous year; Phase 2 is for new members who are referred by Phase I attendees; Phase 3 is for  people  who  signed  up  on  the  waiting  list  via  the  official  website. Closing date is 19 November 2015.
  • Once  confirmed,  each  guest’s  participation  becomes  mandatory,  regardless  of  weather conditions.  This is a rain or shine event.  
  • Dress code:  elegant and white only.Table setting:  all white
  • Champagne and/or wine only. 
  • Wine and champagne must be pre‐ordered through Dîner en Blanc website. Bringing alcohol is prohibited.
I am already counting down to November and twiddling my thumbs for the arrival for my little white dress. The shopaholic in me is itching to acquire table decor for this one night only event - should I?

More details about this exclusive event here.

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