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Jamie's Italian @ The Forum

~Invited Session~


Jamie's Italian has welcomed their second outlet at The Forum to much success. Word has it that they were running at full capacity the first weekend upon swinging open their doors. With a tweaked menu including pizzas, the outlet at The Forum promises a cosier environment with more room for intimate drinks.


Heaps of wood and leather used in the decor, I LOVE.








Menus gone all hi-tech. 


Ginger Beer ($7.50)

Homemade with grated ginger, I can almost taste the full ginger in the drink. Very organic indeed and at this rate I could get hooked on such homemade ones and refuse store bought ginger beers.


Gennaro's Sidecar ($19) 
Remy Martin Cognac, Limoncello, Orange Liqueur, Lemon Juice

A hit amongst Jamie Oliver's fans though the recipe did not come from the man himself but his teacher. I loved the alcoholic kick from this, drink with care else risk a woozy night ahead.


Jamie's Italian Mojito ($18)
Bacardi Superior rum, Martini Bianco, Fresh Mint, Lime and Sugar, topped with Prosecco

Not as grassy as most other versions, Jamie's definitely has a tongue for flavours, it was not short of mighty delicious in that thick British accent.


Ruffino Serrelle Vin Santo Chianti Dessert Wine ($14.50)
Sweet notes of Dried Apricot and raisins with hints of Vanilla and aromatic spices

I loved vinsanto in Greece, infact it was one of those vacations that had me loving everything that the country had to offer. I love it for its honeyed notes and that lingering sweetness that even the moscato would have problems matching up to.


What is an Italian meal without espresso?



Cauliflower Fritti ($13.50)
Fiery Arrabbiata dip, Parmesan


Crispy bread balls of cauliflower, if nobody mentioned I would have mistaken these for cheese balls!

Octopus and Mussel Spaghetti ($17)
Squid ink Pasta with Mussels, Octopus, Chilli, Capers, White Wine and Parsley

Few squid ink pastas have made an impression its dark appearance, this reminded me of a pasta version of paella. Chockfuls of seafood that makes one love the flavours, and those twirls of pasta had soaked up so much - I have to add, this one was completely up my alley.

Oh did I already mention their pastas are all handmade in house, daily too!


Penne Carbonara ($23.50)
Crispy chunks of Smoked Pancetta, Sweet Buttery Leeks and a traditional carbonara sauce

Like squid ink, carbonaras are tricky business. Too little cream and it would be missing out the kicks, too much cream and I end up jelard. Jamie's does the balancing act pretty darn well, just enough cream and smoked pancetta to pull off this yummy dish to a T. I loved it enough to lick my plate clean - oh carbs, how I love you!


Grilled Pork Chop ($38)
Marinated and cooked under a brick with Parsley Bagna Cauda, Apple, Kohlrabi Lemon and Crispy Crackling

Pork chops are not exactly my favouritest part of a hog, mainly because most of these chops end up a tad tough to chew. These were still so tender, and the flavours of apples, lemons and parsley made this uber lipsmacking delicious. I ended up shaving the meat down to the bone to savour the best of the chops. Throw in the pork cackling that was barely greasy! So yummy!


Rocket and Radicchio Salad ($8)
Aged Balsamic and Parmesan

I have a thing or two about rockets, these bitter leaves are acquired and next to baby spinach I rank these second in line for preferred salad base. 


Italian Hot ($24.50)
Tomato Sauce, Artisan Salumi, Spicy Meatballs, Chilli Padi, Mozzarella


Hand made pizzas are new to this outlet and if you'd like all things savoury and spicy, Italian Hot is highly recommended. Chilli padi already spells local and together with salumi and spicy meatballs, one needs an appetite for spice to savour this. I found the spiciness comforting, shiok to the moon and back.


Baked Fruit and Almond Tart ($11.50)
Fresh fruit of the day, drizzle of Honey, Smashed Amaretti, Chantilly Cream

Heavy on almonds, one would love this only if you love the grittiness of almond desserts.


Affogato ($9.50)
Vanilla Icecream topped with Piping Hot Espresso


Next to molten chocolate cakes, I count on affogatos for the lovely contrast of hot and cold.


Lemon Meringue Cheesecake ($12.50)
Velvety Mascarpone and Lemon Cheesecake, Italian Meringue, Lemon Curd, Blackcurrants

In view of over the top milkshake fads, this chunky dessert of lemon meringue and cheesecake stole the show. Light meringue on a creamy cheesecake, just be prepared to save some stomach space for their dessert!

Jamie's Italian at Forum is going to be a hot hit amongst young families so I would recommend reserving in advance.

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