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Hashida Sushi @ Mandarin Gallery

October is a month of birthdays, more than any other month strangely - I had to laugh it off with couples being stressed out during CNY on having children, work extra hard and all end up with October babies. Bad joke I know. So then, surprising my sister is one of the hardest jobs, next to surprising the Husband.

We've celebrated so many indulgent birthdays, to begin with.


I had her pick from Japanese, French and Local and then have the restaurant close for lunch before that major internal struggle which restaurant to pick - before Hashida was decided on.


Enter the doors and be led into a stone path.


It was a pity Chef Yuji Sato was not serving us that day, seems he is a highly sought after chef at Hashida.


The chefs were all coincidentally bald, nothing big deal but this shot was really well timed with their heads bowed low and giving full concentration.


Three menus available over lunch, which was really a no brainer - everything was left in the hands of the chef.


I love long dining tables, except they discourage conversation.


Side cloth placed after the cold towel is removed, my sushi journey was about to start!


Yuba Beancurd Skin

Miso jelly, fish roe, a dab of freshly grated wasabi on sheets of beancurd skin. Super delicate dish, if anything I wonder how much effort went into these little plates of appetizers.




These little pots of egg custard jelly studded with mushrooms were another delight altogether, egg custard can potentially be melt in the mouth and these mushrooms are extraordinary - woody and firm altogether.

Let the sushi show roll! 


Yellow Jack




Yellow Tail


Tuna lime zest




Soft Clam Grilled

This was my favourite from the day's types of sushi eaten, that texture that is so memorable, soft and crunchy all at once. And that grilled fragrance, mamma mia!







Somewhere in between our courses, the famed uni rice bowl appeared alongside a heap of fish roe and sliver of uni. While uni risotto at Shinji blew my socks off, this was not too far off in terms of satisfaction.


Served with a miso soup, this was tum-warming and so hearty!


As mentioned at the start of this entry, October is a month for birthdays and on that day there were 2 other tables celebrating birthdays. I wish we were the first to celebrate at least the surprise would not be spoiled, the chef starts off stealthily dicing tuna, filling the bamboo mat with seaweed, rice and sprinkles of spring onion.


Magical work indeed.


Ta-dah! Completed and ready to be served, I was guessing if this was meant for us or the couple next to us.


With love, chef. Heart shaped maki sushi - cheesy to the max but these morsels were as delicious!


The words that came out next "Are you full?" signalled the end of the meal. Tamago served, this was not as silky smooth nor wobbly as Shinji's.


Dessert was the icing on this lunch's cake, persimmon and grapes that reiterated the difference between these Japanese fruits and other country's.


I had the privilege of getting upclose and personal with a slab of tuna that I wish I had the power to cart and take off.


Even the chef himself was super protective over it. 

The knifework is impeccable, every slice of sashimi is sliced niftily and I could have found my best in Singapore. The types of raw fish used are uncommon and best of all, they add their finishing aburi touches to the sushi too.

Service was impeccable, my cup of warm water was replaced SO many times, if that is the amount of attention they pay, it is almost too intense. I suppose they would like to serve water at the same temperature throughout but it was at some point getting too much. 


Thank you for the memories Hashida Sushi, my first and definitely not the last.

Hashida Sushi 
333A Orchard Road, #02-37 Mandarin Gallery

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