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Gin Khao @ East Coast Parkway

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~Invited Session~


Gin Khao, a new Thai eatery, is taking the food scene by storm with affordable and innovative thai dishes. Barely four months at East Coast Parkway, they will be welcoming a second outlet at Quayside Sentosa in October.


The eatery is very spacious and nests several cosy corners for intimate dinners. Gin Khao loosely means Eat Rice in Thai? If anything, they offer far more options than just rice.


I found those rainbow cushions too cute!


Prawn and Green Mango Relish ($7.80)
Served with Thai Rice Crackers

Taking a leaf from the mexican salsa, this appetizing prawn and green mango combination works like mango tango - my bad pun. Paired with a crunchy rice cracker, we had a happy belly to start the feast on.


Gin Khao signature green papaya salad ($7.80)

Papaya salad is a must for every Thai meal, those punchy fiery notes are good enough to start a fire in my digestive system - well at least those salads in Bangkok do. Gin Khao's version are more subdued, almost like papaya salad without fire but I suppose these suit the mild tastebuds fine.


Tom Yum Seafood Soup ($12.80)

A must eat at every Thai restaurant, Gin Khao's version is more sour than spicy.


Stir-fried morning glory stem with fermented beancurd and chilli padi ($8.80)


Stir Fried Squid with Runny Salted Egg Yolk ($14.80)

Paying homage to the Singaporean zichar scene, this salted egg yolk squid tastes like it came out of one. Perfect with rice and a fried egg.


Claypot Crayfish ($16.80)

Instead of crabs, there is a cheaper alternative in the form of a crayfish claypot rice vermicilli. Loved the wok hei of this.


Gin Khao special Watermelon Fried Rice ($11.80)

An in house special and reinterpretation of the classic pineapple rice. This is sweeter with the use of watermelon, chicken floss and bean curd strips and has more gravy than the usual fried rice.


Coconut Mojito ($6.80)

Twas an ingenious idea to combine coconut juice into a classic mojito, barely alcoholic and infact, one of the yummiest mojitos drunk to date!


Chang Beer ($9.80)

Thai food is best eaten with their national beer in hand.


Thai Tea Lava Cake ($8.80)
Lychee Sorbet 


Two attempts it took before the milk tea decided to flow reluctantly. I thought the cake was fluffy and light. Lychee sorbet went particularly well with this.


Mango with Sticky Rice Gelato ($6.80)

Another of their creativity ideas at work, instead of the usual sticky rice, a gelato flavour is made instead! There are a number of savoury gelato flavours too - think tomyum and even green curry if you are daring enough to experiment!


Pocket friendly prices and creative dishes await at Gin Khao. 

Gin Khao
1020 East Coast Parkway
#01-01 Singapore 449878

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