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Yummy Viet @ Smith Street


Yummy Viet stands out in a row of most local and chinese restaurants and located just next to a backpacker's hostel, it is no wonder that a number of foreigners were spotted dining rather than locals.


Yummy or not, I shall decide after the meal.


These lamp shades reminded me of the traditional vietnamese hats.



Deep Fried Chicken and Rice ($7.90)

Apart from the two-toned rice, there was nothing Vietnamese about it - and I could be wrong since my knowledge has been limited to broken rice, pho and bahn mi.


BBQ Pork Noodle Dry ($7.90)
BBQ Marinated Pork, Fried Spring Roll, Lettuce, Raw Bean Sprouts, Basil Leaf, Coriander, Shallot, Peanut, Spring Onion and Rice Noodle, Sweet and Sour Sauce

Now we were finally talking Vietnamese with the colours captured in a single bowl. I was thankful they served the sweet and sour sauce separately.


Tuck in by tossing in the ingredients and drizzling generously with sauce, I particularly enjoyed their well seasoned BBQ pork and spring rolls. Lots of flavour and texture here.


Sliced Beef and Well-Done Beef Brisket Noodle ($8.90)

Pho, always reminds me of our own beef noodles, except the noodles are exceptionally skinny. The broth itself can tell a story in Vietnam, infact, each of my visits to a pho place always unveils a different perspective.

And I turn a simple bowl into a philosophical experience.

I like how they balanced the usual sweetness with savoury, and the broth is incredibly hearty. As good as the cantonese soups that I grew up with.


Slurps of joy with bites of heaven, I thoroughly enjoyed this and officially declared this in between mouthfuls, the yummiest pho eaten in Singapore.


If the affordable ala carte options do not already tempt you, dinner just screams pocket friendly. It is surprising that sucha  food gem exists in a street full of famous hawker food and yes, tripadvisor you finally did some justice with your food guide!

Yummy Viet
28 Smith Street

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