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Tung Lok Tea House @ Amoy Street

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TungLok has so many spin offs that I have lost track how many restaurants there are and Groupon brought us together again with an irresistible 40% off dinner time. Reservations are highly required because they are horribly short handed and even with 2 dinner seatings I had to wait for my table to be cleared before more waiting continued throughout our dinner.



Too crowded for comfort, I am pretty sure everyone was enabled by Groupon!


Walnuts ($4)

I have a bad habit of nibbling on nuts before dinner commences and more so if they are not the usual peanuts. Sesame walnuts came at a hefty price of $4 before taxes and I really could have gotten a whole bag from the wholesalers!


Fish Skin with Golden Suace ($9)

I love the salted egg sauce on this crispy delight, another of those appetizers that gets me weak on resistence.


Fish Noodle with Spicy Sauce ($18)

Fish noodles has spoilt me with the chewy consistency and I would give up eating fishballs just for these. Peppered with a mouthwatering spiciness, this is one dish that is worth a try.


House Specialty Beancurd ($16)

You have to love spinach to enjoy this, if it weren't for the spinach beancurd it would have just been yet another dish of greens.


Fried Prawns with Wasabi ($26)

Poor attempt at wasabi prawns, greasy thick batter and that thick wasabi sauce made these overly artificial prawns almost un-delicious.


Crispy Boneless Duck ($28)

Instead of the usual roast duck, Tung Lok Tea House has a Crispy Duck version!


Paired with sliced cucumber and spring onions, the crispy boneless duck was a tad dry.

Quality of food was not at its best, service was spotty and prices were too high for a tea house.

Tung Lok Tea House
7-10 Amoy Street

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